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“I’ve never told this to anyone before.” This is one of my favorite things to hear from clients. Secrets burden the heart. Woman come to me for all kinds of reasons but often the underlying root is never what it seems on the surface. I feel honored to be a confidant to so many amazing woman. We are the daughters of the most beautiful love story in the universe. If we don’t choose heaven on earth who will? If not now, when? Our lives are these epic love stories. Are you going to be the character of your dreams!? Or let this precious life slip you by? 




Almost all my clients are drawn to work with me based on a little whisper from inside their soul. A lot of them say it doesn’t “make sense” but they know we are meant to connect. Hello magic soul sister connections!




To shift our life circumstances, we need to shift ourselves. Vibrationally & somatically. We are 99% water at the molecular level and when we understand that our ripples of energy are creating the life circumstances around us it empowers us to change the vibration of the water in our bodies to create a life in alignment with our truest essence.




Most of us live disconnected from nature and our body’s wisdom. Reconnecting with this is reconnecting to the divine feminine within us all. Our bodies are designed to live in pleasure and ecstatic states. Pain is a messenger of Love showing us where we can realign to thrive at peace with ourselves and life!


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Each package is unique according to your needs & desires. We meet weekly or bi-weekly for 60 minutes over Zoom video.

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This is GOLD. We can connect Monday-Friday about important transformations. I love being able to share a picture that made me think of you or hear about how your journey is progressing! This builds a close connection of support between us.

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I like to include videos and meditations from my online courses that are relative to your transformational journey.

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A ceremonially created power piece made to anchor your highest blueprint of heaven on earth for you to wear or place on your altar.

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After each zoom call, I will send you an email “love letter” recapping what we went over and including relative/helpful links, videos and additional information.

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High end long term packages include a bonus VIP day or weekend where you come to Kauai and we anchor in your transformation in sacred ceremony in power spots on the island.

Live to Love & Love to Live

I am here to work with woman who are committed to

Creating Heaven on Earth!

Who are invested in becoming the best version of themselves they can be and aligning with the laws of nature. To become true goddesses. The laws of love never change. They are the foundational pillars around which this world operates.

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The time I spent with Dakota was magical, healing and beyond what words can express. She awakened so much within me, with regards to the ancient feminine temple arts, sacred touch, singing, channelling and her own embodiment of the Priestess. She is one of Aphrodite’s Daughters. She radiates holy sensuality and sexuality fully embodied and expressed. She embodies the holy light of Sophia and the ancient rose lineage. She is sacredness, divine beauty, purity, love, and sacred feminine light incarnate. She is a true living breathing Priestess from another time. She is a mystic, mermaid, healer, and otherworldly oracle. She has so many gifts that she offers this world. Us coming together activated this ancient feminine remembrance within me again that was always inside of me, yet was laying dormant.

Since she is so clearly rooted in her soul essence, her embodiment of who she is activated me into my full soul essence and I was sparked alive like a torch of fire lighting another torch through purely who she is and what she embodies. She is medicine for the world, and carries the ancient feminine codes that are so needed on the planet right now. She is here to awaken women to their divinity, and to restore the Sacred Feminine back onto this Earth so that She may flourish again.

There are very few people who have had such a tremendous impact on me, as Dakota and our true sisterhood connection. She is one of the most angelic, divine, and pure vessels of the Divine Feminine that I know…and I am deeply and eternally grateful for our thread of sisterhood that is ancient…I love her more then words can express and she is a true Soul Sister from many lifetimes.” Nicole Hemmer


“I want to write you a thank you-letter. To express my deep, deep gratitude. For the retreat. For everything I found there, for who you are and what you taught me. For your beautiful and loving presence. And for your deeply inspiring connection to the waters. I feel so honored to have had the chance to witness that connection so closely. It was time for me to not only embrace the shadow-side of the waters that have taken so much space in my being, but to also allow her love to run through my veins. To accept that I am worthy of that love, that I am part of that love. That I am love….

I touched that feeling during the retreat. For the first time. That feeling of being loved, of being connected through love, of being worthy of love. From the very first moment we met, I felt so safe around you. I felt your authenticity in the way you approached me. That’s what made me permit myself to really sink in. I have never felt myself being part of a group equally as loved, appreciated and valued as everyone else and now I have.

The way you held space for the group and introduced us to this true meaning of sisterhood is something that I’ll cherish for always. It’s exactly what I needed. Although there’s still a path to walk, I can start to feel how I can serve the world even better if I allow myself to bathe in love.

How I not only deserve being loved, but always am being loved. Because she’s always there. I am her. I am water. I am love. I am… No distant witness anymore. But part of the whole. You taught me. I let you teach me. The time has come to surrender to love….” Leen Joanna


My love note to you...


“I am here to remind you of the beauty you are. To guide you into your brilliance and hold you in your humanity. My name is Dakota Chanel, it means Friend Channel. This is what I am. I am not your healer. I am not your superior. And goddess forbid take me off any pedestal before I dance off of it out of boredom. 😉 I am here to be the friend who appears in the desert and supports you in finding the wellspring of your own brilliance. We must resurrect the divine human potential within our own hearts. No amount of money, fame, sex, food or drugs will ever fill up the hole of being disconnected from your essence, source, God/Goddess, Love, whatever your word is for that holy current which sustains all life.”

Dakota Chanel is an Ordained Water Priestess, Mystic, and Oracle. She is dedicated to the remembrance of unity consciousness restoring balance upon our sacred earth. She knows in every cell of her being that we are the children of the most beautiful love story in the universe and devotes her life as inspiration for humanity to remember how loved they are. She supports woman in living life as an act of love making through living in alignment with the laws of life. Dakota lives heaven on earth, barefoot in dresses, picking wild fruit, being a mermaid, and celebrating the magic of life on the island of Maui.

Learn more about her journey HERE.

Join our online Water Temple facebook group to connect with other sea stars around the world. It’s a juicy, sanctified safe space. I also share a free transmission each full moon where we can gather in sacred ritual.

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Dakota Chanel

NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL & CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION “I armor up because it’s my time.” I was just listening to Rising Appalachia on YouTube and this ad comes on about arm implant birth control. Is this really what we have come to? IMPLANTS!? That is like straight out of a creepy futuristic sci-fi movie. Implanting hormone disrupting birth control into our arms because we have lost touch with our natural rhythm and cycle is tragic. Birthing children is a sacred art form. I believe the most holy thing we can create is a child. More precious than any art piece or song or scientific discovery. It is where we are biologically co-creating with source on the deepest level. What an honor to be a portal for another being to enter this planet. One of my favorite topics is conscious conception, light conception, and sacred birthing. What would happen if all children were created intentionally with the deepest love and devotion? What a different world this would be! However, most of us are accidents of lovemaking. I know I was! To share an intimate story, I was almost aborted. My mother & father had only known each other 6 months and been married for 3 months when they found out I was growing in my mother’s womb. My mother naturally had some fear arise as so many of us do. She had never actually wanted children. My father convinced her to keep me. He assured her that he would always be there and he was. She always says me and my brothers are the best thing that ever happened to her. My Italian great grandmother bleed to death from a back alley abortion at a very young age. She left two children behind, one of them being my grandma. My mother is named after her, and shares her passionate spirit. My mom tells me how much I am like her mom. Both with our deep love of roses, crystal dishes, tea parties, and feminine things. When I moved to Kauai, I took a 5 month sacred doula training and since then have attended two births and taken a deep dive into birth potential. Even though I’d done lots of healing inner work, I hadn’t realized how much trauma I still had to clear around my own birth. (Continued in comments)
Hugest coco ever! Best food on earth 💕 so grateful for the coconut tree of life! Before I moved to kauai, I was clueless about coconuts. I was still buying bottled coconut water for the first few months I lived here! 🙊 I had no idea that they are completely different at different stages of maturity. The younger ones (poppers, named so because you can easily pop the top off and drink them) have water with no meat and are less flavorful and then grow to having “pudding” meat, thin meat, medium meat, thick meat, hard meat, and sprouted oil meat 😜 the only meat I eat! Coconut water is the ultimate hydration and the meat so filling and balancing. I love scraping the fat off the sprouted ones. It is so satisfying to bang them on rocks and rip them open bare handed or to chop them with a machete. The milk is heavenly. The yogurt divine. The dressings creamy. So grateful for this life sustaining food. If we truly are what we eat, I’m definitely 1/2 coconut. #islandlife #kauai #coconut #foodbaby
Eclipse ceremony magic 🙏 so grateful for sensual sisterhood!!!! 💕 sacred Water, rose petals, naked Nature time, velvet, Star language, rose & spikenard essential oil in alabaster jar, frankincense resin, sea shells, baptism, sacred silence, anointing, and the most magical hair oil ever by @jacquilalita! Thank you @womb.illumination for being such a pillar of love in my life🌹 #eclipse #ceremony #baptism #annointed #rose #sisterhood #priestess #goddess #womb #waterpriestess #mermaid #waterislife
This is one of my favorite interviews to date! I share about my experience becoming a doula, the birthing portal on Kauai, and the connection between sacred water and the womb. Every human began on this earth in the portal of the womb. Some of us came through the yoni and others through cesarian, but we all grew as mermaid creatures in the amniotic fluid of our mothers bellies. I'm so delighted to share more in my interview with Adrienne in her beautiful, free event called BIRTHING THE NEW PARADIGM, an online summit starting Tuesday, July 31st that will give you tools, tips, techniques, and inspiration on your journey of Womb healing, conscious birth, and parenting. SIGN UP AT: birthingthenewparadigm.com #womb #healing #sacredbirthing #birth #parenting #consciousness
Neighborhood walk of the beauty way💗
Sacred Water Baptism...when I was a little girl, my dad wanted me to be baptized at a church we attended in Seattle. I remember feeling drawn to it, but completely not wanting to participate. I knew on some level that that was not the energy or water I wanted to be baptized in. Thankfully, my dad let it go. Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of hours in and under water becoming an ordained water priestess. Learning to hold and float people in the essence of the divine mother. I’ve also done baptisms on myself in nature. But yesterday for the first time in my life, I baptized and was baptized ceremonially with my dear sister @womb.illumination. It was so precious and powerful, and we got the whole thing on video! She’s shared it for her beautiful Mary Magdalene Novena which you can sign up for through the link in her bio. My ebook on baptism with a guide for creating your own ceremony and information around this ancient art is also included. 💧💎💗💎💧 #baptism #waterpriestess #marymagdalene #magdalena #mermaidofthemagdalen #sisterhood #waterislife #holygrail #holy #divinewoman #womb #priestess #goddess #roses #kauai #makaleha
All my insta pics are so fancy lately! This is another huge facet of my being. I LOVE to exercise!!!! Biking, dancing, hiking, swimming, jogging! Water that stays stagnant gets yucky! We need to move our body temples to stay healthy and it feels so good. I’ve recently also been weight lifting AT THE GYM 😱 it’s hilarious! I look like a fairy in the wrong story book, but it feels amazing. I used to judge the gym so much but now I get all in my macho masculine under fluorescent lights and horrible radio music and have the best time being silly and getting “pumped” ;) hahhaaa pumped priestess would be a great title for a workout course! 😂 I’m so much happier when I move my body, and I hope this encourages you to move yours! It’s precious, holy, and the only one you get right now so treat it like GOLD!💎 #bodylove #biking #maui #pumpedpriestess 😋
New sacred water pendant creations available on Etsy. Link in bio 💕 last round before some travel adventures! Xx #sacredjewelry #pendant #priestess #isisgoddess #isis #divinemother #waterislife
Period. Menstruation. Moon time. Flow. Woman’s cycle. That time of the month. Whatever you call the blood that flows once a month from most woman’s legs, one thing is for certain, it’s something that effects most women on the earth. Menstrual blood has been reemerging in goddess culture as a form of devotional worship and a spiritual “path”. Encouraging woman to reclaim the sacredness of our cycle is beautiful. It is powerful. It is important. And yet, I believe it can be misleading. I have held back from sharing my true feelings about woman’s monthly bleeding for sometime, but after a recent experience, I can no longer discount my gnosis. I believe that when woman are in excellent health, there is only a small amount of blood released with the uterine lining. No pain. No days of bleeding. No hormonal rollercoaster. It doesn’t make sense that our bodies would be designed to suffer once a month or lose so much precious blood. I do not believe when all woman are offering their blood back to the Earth, this world will know peace. I believe that our bodies are microcosms of the macrocosm and only when we have come back into alignment with the laws of life and nature will our bodies be truly healthy and this world know peace. I refuse to accept suffering and blood loss as a “normal” part of being a woman. If any other part of our body bled as much as our yonis each month, most people would be gravely concerned. Yet with our period, it is “normal”. We don’t seem to realize the impact of such blood loss. If a man was bleeding cups out of his body, he wouldn’t be expected to go to work or perform normal duties. Yet woman are expected to carry on as usual when loosing vital life force. Have you ever sat naked in front of a mirror, spread your yoni lips open and watched yourself bleed? The first time I did this, I wept as I watched blood flow from my body. I knew there was something wrong. That it wasn’t healthy for me to lose so much blood. It was like I had a wound. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS) Photography: @iloveyouphotography808 #moonblood #menstration #menstrualcycle #healthylifestyle #purity #bodytemple #sacred #kauai #divinefeminine #waterpriestess
We are constantly inundated with how to have better sex. More intense orgasms. Give better blow jobs. What about when no matter how "great" the sex is, you don't want it? When there's a feeling inside calling to something else? Celibacy gives us devoted time to Heal, Listen, and Deepen into the Authentic Truths around our Sexuality. To know and obey our sacred Yes and No. I created a special video for you around the Power of Celibacy and my own personal journey which began two years ago Independence Day! 💗 I also outlined a ceremony for you to begin your own sacred celibacy journey. This has been one of the most transformational tools in my life, and I feel a true key to divine feminine embodiment. Gain free access in link bio 🙏 ~Are you ready to let go of dysfunctional relationship dynamics? ~Are you ready to deepen into more self love? ~Are you ready to heal sexual trauma? ~Are you ready to change your life circumstances? Photography: @abeskauaiphoto #celibacy #divinefeminine #goddess #priestess #sacred #holywater #waterpriestess #sexuality #sensuality
This surprise thank you note from one of the woman at retreat moved me to tears. This is why I do what I do. I asked her if I could share because I know so many of us can relate to her struggle and hopefully her transformation. May this inspire you to love and deepen in connection to the waters of life 💕 “I want to write you a thank you-letter to express my deep, deep gratitude. For the retreat. For everything I found there. For who you are and what you taught me. For your beautiful and loving presence. And for your deeply inspiring connection to the waters... I feel so honoured to have had the chance to witness that connection so closely... It was time for me to not only embrace the shadow-side of the waters that have taken so much space in my being, but to also allow her love to run through my veins. To accept that I am worthy of that love, that I am part of that love. That I am love.... And I touched that feeling during the retreat. For the first time... That feeling of being loved, of being connected through love, of being worthy of love. From the very first moment we met, I felt so save around you. I felt your authenticity in the way you approached me. And that's what made me permit myself to really sink in. I have never felt myself being part of a group equally as loved, appreciated and valued as everyone else. And now I have.... The way you held space for the group and introduced us to this true meaning of sisterhood is something that I'll cherish for always. It's exactly what I needed. It's hard though... to not close myself off. And to keep this feeling present in my being now that I'm alone. Now that the magic of the seven sisters being together is something that I have to treasure in my heart and transmute into an energy inside myself. To make myself feel loved the same way you and the other women did. I'm still so immensely scared of that love. But I have found it now. And I will find a way to keep it with me. I owe it to myself. And I owe it to the world. (Continued in comments)
When I was 13, my mother guided me on my first shamanic journey. She was studying the way of the heart with the ka ta see people of Peru, and I was blessed enough to be her person to practice on. She always told me medicine substances were unnecessary, that you could access these other realms sober. Afterwards, I remember standing in the kitchen and telling her it was the best experience of my life. I finally felt my truest essence. My joy. The radiant love of my heart as TRUTH. And it was through going into the pain, into the loneliness I was experiencing and realizing that it just wanted to be fully felt and loved back into wholeness. That there was nothing to be afraid of. She studied with them for 7 years. I found my star, my direction, spirit animals, and most importantly of all, the connection to the compass of my heart. I’m so thankful for this foundation she gave me through tumultuous teenage years and on my spiritual journey. This past week, I had the joy of spending time with an amazing teenager. It reminded me of those years and filled me with extra gratitude for my mother. This civilization is topsy turvy kingdom land and it can be easy to want to numb out or get high with drugs and alcohol. Even “spiritual medicine” like ayahuasca or San Pedro can have deeply detrimental effects! It’s so important to keep your wits. The first love of my life tragically went insane using psychedelics and committed suicide. I have had profound, sacred and powerful experiences using mind altering substances, and I’m deeply grateful for the initiations. Plant medicines can save souls and lives. However, what I have realized for me personally is that substances are a temporary short cut to higher states of consciousness and can cover over a lot of shadows. It’s harder, but I’ve found more rewarding to put in the work and access between the veil with my own pure consciousness. For me, purity of body, mind, and soul is key to heaven in my being. It’s powerful to get in touch with the unseen in other ways. I love guided meditation journeys, fasting, devotional dancing, toning, etc. 📷: @skydancerphotos #shamanic #spiritualawakening #purity #priestess
My lineage doesn’t have you breathe in for 3 seconds, spin clockwise in a circle and tone auuum for guaranteed enlightenment. There’s no formula to blooming. This rose grows love in a secret garden gone wild. “Forgotten” outside humanities hands. There’s no controlling this mystery of the soul soil. The misted story kneads tummy’s like kitten biscuits. And rumbles mountains with pure honest humor. No prescribed rulebook for this forest. The map is my holy body. And the compass my eternal starlight. Guiding the way home through each breath, each mistake, each triumph, each doorstep, each stumble. I do not have a human guru or a master. I did not learn my way through dusty books. I thought I knew and then I burned. The pages the stories the masters the formulas. And I fell like petals blown from their terrified clinging. Trusted the ground below. Finally coming alive. Home in the leaves of nature’s turning. Tide of the ocean rolling. Breath of the Angels cooing. From this place I know no one who could satisfy my longing for Union I don’t separate humanity and divinity. I am married. Whole and holy home. Photography: @skydancerphotos #divinefeminine #goddess #temple #sensuality #waterpriestess #well #womb #lovepoems
Heaven🌈 #rainbow #kauai #luckywelivehawaii
The art of baptism is ancient and powerful. Water is the Divine Mother source of us all. I was recently asked to contribute a ritual for the Women's Circle Ritual Handbook. I'd just finished writing a baptism guide for an online course and knew it was what wanted to be shared!💧 The Women's Circle Ritual Handbook is released today and not only do you receive the baptism ritual, but there are 💗22 other rituals from woman around the world💗 that you can use with your sisters, in a women’s circle or by yourself in sacred ceremony. In addition to inspiring stories and poetic musings from the authors. 🙏 Thank you, Tanya, for creating such a powerful gift for us all! DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE RITUAL HANDBOOK: http://sistershipcircle.com/womens-circle-ritual-handbook-summer/?sister=319 Photography: @abeskauaiphoto Model: @dakota__chanel #baptism #isis #temple #templearts #waterpriestess #water #kauai
Don’t put me on a pedestal. I will fall. Lay me on the ground with the dandelions. Then lay down in my arms. My spirituality is intimate and warm. And I want nothing more than to love you into wholeness. Close the lips of external speech and part the lips of soul language. My big mouth wet enough to make oceans from deserts and drown your thoughts in seashell hums. Rocking on the shoreline of life and death. Kissing the eternal Friend. ❤️ Photography: @skydancerphotos Model & Poetry: @dakota__chanel #goddess #goddesstemple #greekgoddess #divinefeminine #aphrodite #mybodyisatemple #womenrising #priestess #priestesspower #waterpriestess #selflovequotes #sensuality #mystic #poetry #lovepoetry
When are we going to be each other’s angels? It’s beautiful to pray to unseen forces, but let’s speak to the flesh and bone humans around us in the same way we do God/Goddess/Source and let ourselves be seen in our dreams. We are the hands and mouths of the divine. I am the angel who can make your favorite meal and feed you when you’re hungry. I am the angel who can hold you while you cry and stroke your hair. I am the angel that can sing you to sleep and anoint your feet. Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Buddha and Muhammad and Quan Yin don’t have bodies anymore. Let’s not only pray to the unseen, but pray to our friends, Lovers, neighbors, and humans around us. Let’s stop waiting on a master. Within all of us is the seed of great Love. Be the true brother and sister. Let’s come home to loving ourselves and one another. And call in the angel within and angels all around🙏 Photography: @abeskauaiphoto Model: @dakota__chanel #kauai #waterpriestess #divinefeminine #waterphotography #water #sacredfeminine #hawaii #luckywelivehawaii #rosepetals #angels #divinelove #truelove #purity #sensuality
I love making Sacred Water Jewelry. Gathering the water with prayer and ceremony, putting it meticulously into glass beads, creating new designs. It’s such a love meditation. But lately I’ve been being asked to create custom pieces and that is truly my favorite💎✨💧✨💎 Let me know if you would like to create a piece together!💕 Wailani Water Priestess Jewelry💧💎💧 Water is the most precious jewel on Earth. Water is recognized in many mystical traditions as the Divine Mother of us all. Wearing sacred water reminds us of the preciousness of life and to care for the waters of our bodies and the Earth. Holy water is subtle, but powerful energetically. I love creating these earrings to remind us of the magic of water. The magic that we are. We must take care of the waters of this Earth. This is our return to the divine feminine. The ancient waters of the mother teaching us to surrender, to love, to flow, to be soft and strong. ♡ I was introduced to water gems by my water priestess sister, crafts woman extraordinaire, Nancy. We were graduating together from level one water priestessing at the Aquamystica water temple and as a gift to me and my “pod” mates, she had made us all matching water bead necklaces with water from our pool. It was instantly my most magical, prized piece of jewelry as the energy was so profound. She didn’t want to turn the craft into a business and taught me how to make water beads before moving to Kauai. I knew wanted to share the heavenly, healing waters of Kauai with women around the world. And here they are! ♡ To make the water beads, I gather the waters in sacred ceremony from my 5 favorite fresh water power spots around the island, then I combine them in a F frequency Tibetan singing bowl with rose quarts crystal, and infuse the waters with extra sound and prayers at the beach. Then I use the water to fill clear, glass blown beads. These earrings are handmade with the upmost love. All the finding and chain are gold fill. ♡ #sacredjewelry #jewelry #waterpriestess #wailaniwaterjewelry #adornments

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Jolene Monheim (cover underwater image)