Are you Ready to Fill Your Cup?

Join other mermaids from around the world for two rich days of nurturing & nourishment in Glastonbury, England, which legend says is the land of ancient Avalon.

Due to Covid, this retreat is being moved to Fall 2021. Email Dakota at to be added to the waitlist for when the new dates are released.

Water Priestess Arts, Sensual Embodiment, Body Temple Tending, Holy Sisterhood

We are Mermaids, Wise Woman & Womb Priestesses
Throughout the ages, there have been mermaids, water medicine woman, ladies of the lake, and all aspects of Water Priestesses.

These woman are called to consciously tend the waters of life

in their bodies and in the world at holy springs, wells, rivers, lakes, oceans.

Practicing ancient water priestess arts such as baptism, anointing, hydromancy, ritual washing, dowsing, sacred song, birth & sexual mysteries.

Focusing on the water’s teachings of

Divine Mother Love, Grace, Surrender, Compassion, Softness & Unity.

There is a Water Priestess within us all.

Calling us to remember the way of the waters of love.


Part the mist on the story of the mysteries of Avalon.

The secrets woven in waters wisdom. We will enter the timeless space between the worlds communing with the waters that have been here since the beginning of time.

The portals of potent peaceful protection. 

The sanctity of sacred sensuality. 

The liberation of life’s liquid love story. 

Come be Held in the Water and your Sister’s Loving Embrace.

Let yourself be Nourished, Nurtured and your Chalice Filled.

Your Natural State is Overflowing.

I am writing this seeing and feeling us all together in temple. The soft candle light and sweet rose petals, our hands forming a connected circle around the water altar, praying, communing, coming deeper into ourselves than ever before, filling our chalices so they pour over in graceful service.

I call to you from this future time.

The pilgrimage you committed to that changed your life.

This is not just a weekend retreat. This is an initiation.


You are 99% water at the molecular level. Water contains the akashic memories of the planet. Communing with her is your birthright.

Change the Vibration of the Waters you are made of and Change your Life.



The water reminds us how to connect with our feminine nature, shows us that coming alive is the most precious offering we could ever give this world, and immerses us in beauty to share what heaven on earth can feel like.

Water as Mother. Mother as Love. Love as Water.

Water Arts

Water Arts

We will be communing with both opening and closing water rituals, ritual washing, water scrying, libations, water altar tending, water blessings for the land and holy water creating/anointing.

Sisterhood Sensorium

A Sensorium is a body temple tending that softens us into presence and love through the senses. There are plates of rose petals, velvet, herbs, massage oil, essential oils, water sprays, chocolate, fruit, sea shells, feathers, tea, ext. The room become magnetic with heavenly love. We drop into the space of woman as goddess. Sister as me. Body as sacred. It is a gentle and nourishing way to heal sisterhood wounds, sexual trauma, body shame, anxiety, and more.

Holy Well Offerings

The chalice well in Glastonbury is one of the most magical water portals on earth still being tended and actively cared for by humans. It is a very sacred place. We will journey here to hear and feel the ancient story of the well maidens. We will allow the waters to awaken her within us. From this place, practicing the arts of offerings, libations, and communion with the lady of Avalon. These are the red iron rich waters that flow through the lions mouth as the symbolism of sacred blood.

Water Temple Baptism

The white spring temple in Glastonbury is one of the most exquisite places I’ve ever been. The first time I entered, tears flowed and didn’t stop for an hour. It touched the depth of my soul. It was deeply moving to be in a water temple that is still fully tended and alive with care. We will enter into sacred song and share in water ritual and Baptism. This is a true rebirth. These are the white calcium rich waters symbolizing the Amrita & seed.

Amrita Orgasms

Amrita orgasms are one of the most magical waters that flow from woman. I have been experiencing them for almost 15 years and educating woman about them for two years. It is one of my favorite things to teach. We will dive into the sacredness of our ecstatic oceans of pleasure. Learning the practical anatomy, tips, tricks, details and sharing our personal experiences.

Additional Experiences

We will incorporate a lot of sound healing, singing, prayer & vibrational medicine throughout the journey including creating our own water chants!

Dance will be woven throughout our time together.

Avalon Room, Glastonbury

The Avalon Room is part of the Goddess Temple of Glastonbury. An inspirational collective of sacred spaces for gatherings. Our room is inspired by lady Avalon. There is a kitchenette next door to make tea and coffee. It is within 25min walking distance to both the Chalice Well & White Spring. It is large and spacious with everything we need in privacy to journey together.



2 Days of Experiences

2 Lunches & 1 Dinner

Entrance to Chalice Well

We begin at 9am on Saturday & complete at 5:30pm Sunday


You must arrange your own Accommodation & Transportation



Pay In Full

Includes Two Days of Workshops


Pay 50% now, 50% in a month.

Includes Two Days of Workshops

Money is a form of love. A form of currency (current sea). By choosing to pour financial flow into this experience, my intention is that it comes back to you amplified beyond your wildest dreams. That through this investment in yourself, you emerge from the retreat with your chalice overflowing. Empowering you to show up ever more fully as the creatress of your life in service to the waters within and around you.

Join us in the Ancient Isle of Avalon!

By application only.



“I want to write you a thank you-letter. To express my deep, deep gratitude. For the retreat. For everything I found there, for who you are and what you taught me. For your beautiful and loving presence. And for your deeply inspiring connection to the waters. I feel so honored to have had the chance to witness that connection so closely. It was time for me to not only embrace the shadow-side of the waters that have taken so much space in my being, but to also allow her love to run through my veins. To accept that I am worthy of that love, that I am part of that love. That I am love….

I touched that feeling during the retreat. For the first time. That feeling of being loved, of being connected through love, of being worthy of love. From the very first moment we met, I felt so safe around you. I felt your authenticity in the way you approached me. That’s what made me permit myself to really sink in. I have never felt myself being part of a group equally as loved, appreciated and valued as everyone else and now I have.

The way you held space for the group and introduced us to this true meaning of sisterhood is something that I’ll cherish for always. It’s exactly what I needed. Although there’s still a path to walk, I can start to feel how I can serve the world even better if I allow myself to bathe in love.

How I not only deserve being loved, but always am being loved. Because she’s always there. I am her. I am water. I am love. I am… No distant witness anymore. But part of the whole. You taught me. I let you teach me. The time has come to surrender to love….”

Leen Joanna


Come Join Us!

Be held in the arms of the divine mother as we rest into the water & each other’s loving embrace.