Holy Family Transmission

Two Class Series

The Art of Sacred Marriage Ceremony

August 28th 2023, 12pm – 2pm PST


The Art of Pre-Conception Ceremony

September 4th 2023, 12pm – 2pm PST

I believe family is holy.

To choose who you get to create a family with is such a honor.

That we live in a place and time where we get to marry for love.

Marriage is the oldest and most common ceremony in the world today.

Yet its holy origins have been obscured.

In the past, and even some places still today, marriage was for family alliance and politics, but the most ancient way is in commitment to Sacred Union.

The primordial mystery school rites of spiritual gnosis were modeled on the foundation of the sacred marriage.

From Inanna and Dumuzi, to Isis and Osiris, to Magdalene and Christ, there’s a lineage of love that asks us to remember the mysteries of the bridal chamber.

Two becoming one.

Dissolving into our true nature.

That God is Love.

The covenant of marriage and the restoration of honoring family will be the foundation upon which we create heaven on earth.

In addition to being recently married, we are in the process of welcoming our first child.

Often, we are taught how to prepare our bodies for conception physically and maybe our mental/emotional state.

I’ve been guided to prepare with the power of ceremony.

The pre-conception phase is so important.

The spirit doesn’t just arrive when the sperm makes contact with the egg.

There is a longer process where the spirit is landing more subtly into this realm.

It feels important to share the pre-conception ceremony we have been doing to support those of you who are also calling in your children.

This is especially for those who desire to get married and/or have any children one day.

You Will Learn:

The Origins of Sacred Marriage

You’ll learn about the ancient origins of sacred marriage and why it’s essential for our times.

Our Marriage Ceremony Template

I will walk you through every aspect of our marriage ceremony, which was filled with water magic, and the symbolism behind each action. I will also share ideas I had considered including but chose not to and how to customize your own special marriage ceremony. I spent many months designing this ceremony and I’m excited to share it with you for inspiration.

The Art of Pre-Conception

I’ll share about the more subtle, spiritual layers of the pre-conception process. Speaking into the magic and mystery of the journey of welcoming a being to earth. I learn best through stories, so there will be personal shares.

Our Pre-Conception Ceremony Template

I will share about the pre-conception ceremony we have been doing to bring awareness and healing to our mother’s and father’s lineages and welcome in our spirit child. This ceremony has a sacred sexuality component.

Replay Recording

If you can’t make either of the two classes, you can watch the replay. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, so I hope you can join us live!

The classes are 2 hours total. 90min classes with 30mins at the end for questions and shares.