Lingam Worship Workshop

August 22nd 2020, 12-2pm PST


A sexy, sacred & fun live online 2 hour journey into worshiping a man’s wand of light.

Focusing specifically on bringing spirituality into the bedroom, men’s sexual trauma, sacred seed, all the nuances of oral sex and my favorite honoring rituals!

There will be a live Q and A at the end where we can get vulnerable and intimate, ask questions and share insights.

If you can’t make it live, the call will be recorded and sent to you.



Want to Bring more Sacredness into Sex?

Giving opens us to Receiving

We will Learn About:

Men's Sexual Trauma

This is so important! Almost every man I’ve been with or spoken to about this has experienced some kind of sexual trauma.

Semen Sacred Seed

This is some powerful water and most men don’t realize it. Bring the sacred into your bedroom with this knowledge! We will touch on the importance of tracking your partners orgasm to support with semen retention.

Favorite Honoring Sex Rituals

Oh my goddess I can’t wait to share with you ladies my top three honoring sex rituals that you can do with your beloved. So delicious! My partner loves them.

Oral Sex Adoration

This is one of my favorite parts of sexual expression. I will share all the secret magic that I have never shared before publicly.

Want To Read More?

Worshiping my beloved’s lingam turns me on more than anything. If I had to choose, I would rather give than receive oral sex. I have many close friends who feel the same way! Both are amazing, but there is something so profound about my partner fully relaxing into receiving.

The way it activates my yoni is unlike any other foreplay. There is a mystical science to this. Our mouths are mirrors of our yonis. Both are almond shaped with lips. Both are the only entry way into our bodies on a physical level where things can reach deep inside us. There are acupressure points inside our mouths that are massaged and stimulated when giving fellatio. Opening our throat, opens our yonis. This physically turns us on, but only if we are truly enjoying it!

The first time I went down on a man, I was 16 in the back of a car behind a row of storage units at night time. It was horrible. I felt like I was going to puke afterwards, because I didn’t want to and was pressured into it. But as I healed, I realized I love it! The more I love a man, the more I love his cock. I want to worship it. Praise it. Honor it. In all ways. It’s the most brilliant meditation.

I see so much emphasis on woman being celebrated as the goddesses they are (which is amazing!) and a lot less on men being celebrated as the gods they are (let’s up level this). Men have experienced lots of sexual trauma and pain too and as a lover to a man, you can reach those places deep in their hearts that no one else does.

Are you ready!?

Excited to share this special time with you.

Women's Experiences

“This class was so amazing!!! The rituals you shared have been/ and I can feel are going to be revolutionary with my love! Deep deep thanks from the bottom of my heart!”

“I just can’t say thank you enough. This was my first time attending an event with you, or even attending an event of this kind. I come from a background of sexual trauma, so that I was even on this call and enjoyed it so much is in itself a miracle! It was so lovely, so healing for me being with you all. I love the way everything is held so sacred, with such joy and light and love! Truly a gift!”