In my definition, a water priestess means being in active devotion to and communion with the waters of life and womb of creation. It is the gnosis that water is an elemental representation of the divine mother. The portal through which light & consciousness is able to incarnate into form. The mystical physical source of life, water love. We understand that we are made mostly of the water, this planet is covered mostly in water, and that we can heal ourselves and the planet by cultivating a deeper relationship with this precious substance as expressed within and all around us. A water priestess can be from any religion, any race, any culture. There are water tenders in all ancient cultures. If choosing the ordination path and the title of priestess doesn’t resonate with you, you can choose a word that feels more in alignment with your soul such as water medicine woman, water wisdom keeper, or something similar.

Websters definitions of a Priestess:


: a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion


: a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement

My definition of a Water Priestess:

The above definition as pertaining to the water while also 

Not being “perfect” or “enlightened” or a “goddess” or a “master”.

But a priestess. In devotion to embodiment.

The same thing being a mermaid means to me.

Being in service to the sea of love.