Water Priestess Mysterium

6 month mystery school


Sacred Water Arts

Ancient Feminine Wisdom

Body Temple Tending


Our Bodies are made of theWater

We are Mermaids, Well Maidens & Womb Priestesses
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Can you Hear the Waters of Love Calling you Home?

It's time to Baptize in your Brilliance

“If only you could feel how precious you truly are.”

The Divine Mother whispers to me softly as I float in the waters of her embrace

You don’t have to do anything

Or say anything

To feel this Love

To feel this Wholeness

You are worthy through the very truth that you exist

Do you know this?

Purity of Love




Mother Love

Holding all the varying forms of religion and culture


“Water as Love. Love as Mother. Mother as Water.”

Are you a Water Priestess?

Join us for 6 months of deep mermaid magic

Next Cycle Begins March 22nd 2020








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 Throughout the ages, there have been water priestesses, mermaids, water medicine woman, ladies of the lake, sirens and all aspects of woman as water.

These woman are called to consciously tend the waters of life

in their bodies and the world at holy springs, wells, rivers, lakes, oceans

Practicing ancient priestess arts such as baptism, anointing, scrying, water fasting, dowsing, sacred song, birth & sexual mysteries

And most importantly, the principals of

Divine Mother Love, Grace, Surrender, Compassion, Flow, Softness, Unity & Strength

that the water teaches

There is a Water Priestess within us all. 

Calling us to remember the way of the waters of love.

In this 6 month journey, we will dive into the heart of Divine Mother Love, Feminine Mysteries, and Sacred Sexuality through the 

Vessel of the Water.

Restoring our beings in the waters of peace 

Water is Magic. We are Water. We are Magic.

Purify our Bodies. Activate our Voices. Ignite our Hearts. Deepen into Gnosis.

Come home to the Ocean of your Essence

Be bathed in the arms of the Divine Mother

Enter the Womb of Unity

Let her bathe you in the Mysteries of Love


Are you ready to enter the water temple?

There is a powerful heartbeat rippling throughout the female consciousness.

We are no longer willing to hide, play small, or abide by other’s rules.

We are ready to Remember our Pleasure and Sacredness through the

Living Mystery School of our Bodies.

The Water teaches us this way of Divine Feminine Grace.

~ Connect with your innate Body & Water Womb Wisdom

~ Remember the Sacredness of your Sexual Fluids

~ Learn Water Arts such as Scrying & making Water Essences

~ Practice Water Priestess Rituals 

~Purify your Body Temple through Living Nourishment

~ Commune with our Unified Dream Field

~ Deepen into your Sensuality through Sanctified Sisterhood 

~ Be deeply Honored and Nourished

Are you a mermaid at heart? Inspired by dolphins & whales? Tales of Lumeria? Isis water temples of Egypt? Aphrodite water temples of Greece? The Avalonian Lady of the Lake? The essence of the Divine Mother?

Do you want to activate higher potentials in your DNA? To call forth mystical experiences?

Do you want to develop relationships with other sea stars around the world? Do you wish you had a more loving relationship with your mother and other woman?

Do you desire to feel more at home and healthy in your body? To glow from the inside out with vitality? To learn how to care for your body as temple?

Are you ready for the tools to love yourself and life more through cultivating a stronger connection to the mysteries of the water and water priestess arts?

Do you long to cultivate a deeper connection to your femininity, softness, sensuality and flow states? To feel the truth of the love and abundance that sustains you?

This Mysterium is an alchemical container to dive into the mysteries of the water and divine feminine. To surrender. To flow. To release. To have faith. To purify. To restore. To love.

Water Priestess Curriculum

There is no curriculum like this in the world.

It is what I wish I'd had been able to learn in one place about the water priestess arts, divine feminine gnosis, sacred sexuality & body temple care. You’re receiving what took me 8 years of work, travel, study, and investment distilled into a 6 month journey.


This mystery school was birthed from two shorter water priestess immersions I taught in 2018. 8 weeks was nowhere near long enough to dive into the magic and sisterhood being asked for. I realized that it needed to be 6 months to be able to allow more time and spaciousness to drop into what was being asked to be shared and have full integration and embodiment. It is a revelation. Not a dictation. And revelations can’t be forced. Like a flower blooming in the garden, or the leaves that fall in winter. There is such power in group containers. We will be doing rituals not only for ourselves but for the planet.


The teacher for this course is the Water itself.

Alchemy requires a container, substance to be transformed, and energy to drive the transformation.

This mystery school is the chalice. It is the sacred container.

Your experience of life is the substance to be transformed.

The energy to initiate the transformation is the water.

Water Temple Arts

Creating & Tending a Water Altar

Water Scrying



Water Dowsing

Ritual Washing

Making Holy Water

Speaking to Water Deva

Making Water Essences & Hydrosols

Powerful Water Rituals


Month 1


Water Priestess Foundation

Creating a Water Altar

Sourcing Drinking Water

Cymatics & Vibration

Water Science Education

Reconception Ceremony

Water Blessings & Rituals

Magic of Springs 



Month 4


Amrita Orgasm Education & Rituals

Lingam Worship/ Sacred Semen

Trauma Clearing Ceremony

Yoni Steaming

Sacred Union Teachings

Mermaid Transmission

Magic of the Ocean



Month 2


 Water Birthing & Dolphins

Rebirthing Ceremony

Water Scrying

Water Womb Meditation

Self Massage Care

Raw Food for Body Temple

Water Elixer Baths

 Magic of Wells & Lakes



Month 5


 Water Dowsing

Geospirals & Laberynths

 Mystic Water Protection Ritual

Science of Aging

Water Fasting

Enemas & Colonics

Magic of Hot Springs

Guest Water Wisdom Speakers

Talks from 1 guest speaker a month (6 total) of amazing people such as Jumana Sophia & Patrick MacManaway.


Other Magic

Each month there is also a Water Goddess, Water Chant, Journal Prompts, Beauty Tip & Extra Curricular Deepening 

Month 3


Menstrual Blood Transmission

Creating a Water Chant

Annointing & Ritual Washing

Sacred Hair Tending

Hydrosols & Flower Essenses

Juice Fasting

Tantric Dance

 Magic of Rivers and Waterfalls 



Month 6


Medicine of Tears

Ancient Art of Baptism

Water Light Body Activation

Salt Water Death Ritual

Dry Fasting

Sharing Water Priestess Medicine w/ Community

Magic of Rain & Snow



You Will Receive

Bi~Monthly Live Call Transmissions

We will gather in our online Water Temple live every other Sunday to dive into the mysteries of the water.

Monthly Embodiment Content

You will receive video/audio/PDF educational inspiration & practices in the temple portal two times per month with the information for that module.

Monthly Water Wisdom Guest Speaker

We have 6 amazing beings sharing additional water wisdom medicine over the 6 months.

Private Water Temple Facebook Group

Connect with our pod through posts, videos, and heart shares in our online water temple space.

Become an Ordained Water Priestess

Apply for one of the 4 spaces in the inner council to become ordained and receive additional 1:1 mentorship calls culminating in added comittment requirements to become ordained.

Become an Ordained Water Priestess

Feel called to journey deeper on the path and become ordained?





You will receive an ordination certification through the ministry which will enable you to create your unique branch of the ministry & legally offer baptisms, water blessings, sacred union weddings, ceremonies and give you the teachings to host water priestess gatherings for your local community!


Apply for one of the 2 spaces left in the inner council to become ordained and receive added bonuses such as water priestess pendant, 10% off future retreats and additional 1:1 mentorship calls culminating in added commitment requirements to become ordained. 


Apply Here

Ordination Requirements

~Attend all the live calls. If more than two are missed, you will need to submit a paragraph on the key points you learned from the call.


~Receive 9 hours of 1:1 mentorship to deepen into embodiment of the arts and your unique, authentic expression of the Water Priestess ministry.


~Write an ordination paper about what being a Water Priestess means to you and how you will choose to express the branch of your devotional service in the world.


~Required reading list.


~Attend a Water Priestess Retreat.


~Experience a one on one Water Priestess ordination ceremony (in person is best, but can be done online) with Dakota. You decide when you are ready to be ordained and feel authentically embodied.



Apply Here


I want to thank you for the beautiful mysterium and your precious presence. Wow, did magic and transformation happen!”

Kia Mourato


“Your program has completely transformed me! My moon altar now always has my chalice, and I still pray with her daily. I had some amazing things come through moon light scrying into the ocean too!”

Domanique Blackwolf

Water Medicine Woman

Tori Feldman, Woman’s Spirituality Guide

“I felt so called to be part of the Water Priestess Mysterium as I love water and all elements and wanted to deepen into my connection with water.  Dakota offers such a safe, beautiful and mythical space.  Her ethereal nature is delicate and present. I loved exploring as a group how we each connected to water and as a whole. The content of the course is clear and supportive  and brings an invitation to find a practice with water into everyday life. I loved this immersion and will continue to deepen my relationship with water as a pure source.”

Sarah Lambourne


Anya Deva, Akashic Oracular Priestess

About Dakota

Like all the best things in life, being a water priestess found me. I hadn’t known such a thing existed or much about ancient goddess culture. Yet the water called me and forever deepens me to remember the path of life’s divine feminine mysteries. I am an ordained water priestess through AquaMystica Ministry founded by Jumana Sophia (aquamystica.com, hermysteryschool.com). I lived and studied aquatic bodywork & priestess arts with her for 2 years at our water temple home in Ashland, Oregon while attending massage school. From there, the dolphins, doula arts, and lemurian remembrances brought me to the island of Kauai for three years where I was initiated deeper into the magic of the water and mysteries of sacred sexuality. I realized that being a water priestess was so much deeper than I had originally thought, truly a way of life and remembrance spanning many bodies and lifetimes being a priestess of the Divine Mother through many forms including the temples of Isis and way of the Magdalene. I entered into years of sexual healing through celibacy, fasting and raw food. I realized that our bodies are resonating water temples and it is up to us to restore our temples to living crystalline water through diet, thoughts, dance, song, and communing with the water all around us. I then went on a water priestess pilgrimage through Europe to sacred springs along the Magdalene path to pray with the waters and offer water from Kauai. My intention was to unite the waters of crystalline Lumeria with that of the ancient butterfly pathways of old world Europe. Along the way, it was a healing and unfolding  journey of clearing karma from past lifetimes. From there, I was called to the island of Maui where I met my partner who also serves the waters (findaspring.comlivespringwater.com) and have been diving into the magic of sacred union and grounded earth animal magic like growing our own food, making as much as possible from scratch, and living in harmony with the land.

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What is a Water Priestess?

In my definition, a water priestess means being in active devotion to and communion with the waters of life and womb of creation. It is the gnosis that water is an elemental representation of the divine mother. The portal through which light & consciousness is able to incarnate into form. The mystical physical source of life, water love. We understand that we are made mostly of the water, this planet is covered mostly in water, and that we can heal ourselves and the planet by cultivating a deeper relationship with this precious substance as expressed within and all around us. A water priestess can be from any religion, any race, any culture. There are water tenders in all ancient cultures. If choosing the ordination path and the title of priestess doesn’t resonate with you, you can choose a word that feels more in alignment with your soul such as water medicine woman, water wisdom keeper, or something similar.

Websters definitions of a Priestess:


: a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion


: a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement

My definition of a Water Priestess:

The above definition as pertaining to the water while also 

Not being “perfect” or “enlightened” or a “goddess” or a “master”.

But a priestess. In devotion to embodiment.

The same thing being a mermaid means to me.

Being in service to the sea of love.


What is a Mermaid of the Magdalen?

I never resonated with the classic starfish in the hair, Barbie style mermaid, nor the dark fanged, lure sailors to their death version. There was something more mystical and sacred regarding my desire to live under the sea. That the mermaid essence I’m most aligned with in my heart of hearts is a vital part of my own feminine essence expressing itself on the planet at this time in human form.

Our essence (higher self, soul, ext) is always moving through our lives, pointing us toward things that feel aligned with who we are. And we are more than just Human. Our consciousness is currently experiencing itself by identifying with a body, but our consciousness is so much more. I know mermaids, faeries, dragons, phoenixes, elves, and all manner of combination of these things. Some people just don’t seem as human as something else.

In my own personal mythology, I’ve always resonated deeply with the water. I’ve been told by many different intuitives that an aspect of my consciousness seeded and experienced itself as water in the beginning of this planet, that I’m a water naga (dragon), mermaid, and that I’ve lived under the sea. Honestly, I feel more at home under the water. If I could, I would move into a crystalline home on the sea floor and have dolphins and exotic fish as my neighbors.

Back before I looked at my life as a myth and was living in a more shallow version of reality, I would still enter into ecstatic states of consciousness through the water. I remember during the darkest times in my life, around age 15, when I went to the Caribbean and had an experience of complete soul embodiment standing in and staring at the sunlight dancing upon the turquoise waters. It was the most exquisite feeling of peace and precious perfection. Despite what was going on in my life, my essence still managed to shine through all the turmoil I was experiencing and the water acted as a trigger for remembrance. My relationship with the water has blossomed in that I no longer look at it as just a substance, but I see her as the elemental embodiment of the divine feminine.

The water represents deep feminine wisdom, the principals of love, surrender, flow, shape shifting, purification, and trust. She is a being of profound Grace, of artful alchemy. When do I feel most aligned with these things? What gets me feeling all wet and oceanic? Mystical union with God.

My relationship with God (source, creator, ext) has always had a certain texture. A romantic, mystical Rumi quality, a special aliveness felt purest alone, either in my own sacred space or out in nature. This feeling stimulated not by modern belief systems, or current experiences common in this age, but the deeper connection with the fabric of life itself. The wisdom of Love. Not a little love, but the big holy shit this energy is what created the whole universe kind of Love. I’ve come to realize that all of true life is an act of love making. The merging of the father (sun, light, electricity, fire, ext) and the mother (earth, matter, magnetism, water, ext).

As a little girl, I named everything Rose Marie. As I grew older, I realized that the lineage I feel most aligned with on this planet is the Rose line of the Christ/Magdalen energies (rooting in the Isis temples of ancient Egypt). After high school, I started walking the path of the Beloved more consciously.  The book the Magdalen Manuscript served as an essential part of this process.  It would serve as an inspiration and guide for my lifelong journey into the path of relationship alchemy.

So how do Mermaids and the path of the Rose/Magdalen/Isis lineage relate? They both represent the return of the Divine Feminine, specifically the archetype of the Mother. It is an immersion into Love, Grace, and Surrender.

To begin, it’s helpful to note that Mary was a title used for priestesses of woman who considered themselves brides of God, specifically David kings. This makes sense when you consider the virgin Mary and Mary Magdalen. They were both priestesses of Isis.

In Egyptian, the word is derived from Mry “beloved” or Mr “love”. Mer, Merry, Marry, Mary, Marie, Miriam, Meru (indian for yoni, navel, womb, center) are all closely related. Mar in many languages also means Sea. Mary Magdelan was considered a fish goddess. This makes complete sense because the water is the elemental essence of the divine feminine. The Mer aspect of Mermaid means beloved, love, or sea, so what does maid mean? On the surface, maid means servant or in service to. However, another meaning is a virgin. By virgin I do not mean not having had sex. A virgin is an energetic state that feels pristine, innocent, and pure, which are all elements that can be and hopefully are felt when making love.

So what is in the name Mermaid?

A pure woman in service to the sea of love.

I cannot think of a more beautiful mission statement for my life.

We are in the time of the mermaids, the Age of Aquarius and the return of the Divine Feminine. Mermaids represent what we need to return to if we hope to evolve as a species instead of go extinct. They symbolize immersion in the elements, connection with the cosmic womb, deep alignment with the Divine Mother, beauty, grace, love. The same thing that the energies of the Magdalen represent to me.

I am in service to the Sea, to the Divine Feminine, to Love. This is what it means to be a Mermaid of the Magdalen. I dedicate my life to living in alignment with the truths that the water whispers sweetly to my soul.

What is the Lineage of these Teachings?

The water transcends all cultures and religions, however, my soul has had many incarnations from the lineage of Isis and the Mary lines so this mystery school is steeped in the gnosis of Sophia wisdom. However, I deeply honor how the divine mother & water moves beyond form and lenses of perception. The beauty of the water is that it transcends all belief systems. All cultures. She unites us all. We all need water. We are all made of water. Most cultures around the world honor the water as mother and the etomology for water is close to mother in many languages. We will have experts sharing water wisdom from different cultures and experience different flavors of water wisdom.


This is what I wish I would have had access to in a school when I was beginning my awakening journey into remembering the sacredness of the mermaid medicine.


Feel the Call, but have Questions?