About Dakota

Dakota Chanel is an ordained water priestess and mystic. She believes we are the children of the most beautiful love story in the universe and uplifts women around the world to remember their inner magic & gnosis. She specializes in water priestess arts, sacred union, ceremonies and sanctified sexuality. You can study with her in three online programs; the Water Priestess Mystery School, Amrita Orgasm Course & Worship Mentorship for Lovers. She also teaches in person through her international Water Priestess Retreats. For the past 5 years, she has supported thousands of women in over 15 countries to be empowered in their divine feminine being. You can find her barefoot in dresses, living heaven on earth with her beloved in Hawaii.



Like all the best things in life, being a water priestess found me. I hadn’t even known such a thing existed or much about ancient goddess culture. Yet the water called me and forever deepens me to remember the ancient path of life’s mysteries. I am an ordained water priestess through AquaMystica Ministry founded by Jumana Sophia (www.aquamystica.com, www.hermysteryschool.com). I lived and studied aquatic bodywork & priestess arts with her for 2 years at our water temple home in Ashland, Oregon while attending & graduating massage school. From there, the dolphins and lemurian remembrances brought me to the island of Kauai where I was initiated into the doula arts and certified in sacred birthing. I realized that being a water priestess was so much deeper than I had originally thought. Truly a way of life and remembrance spanning many bodies and lifetimes. I entered into years of sexual healing & celibacy, fasting and raw food. I realized that our bodies are resonating water temples and it is up to us to restore our bodies to living crystalline water through diet, thoughts, dance, song, and communing with the water all around us. I’ve been on water priestess pilgraimages twice to Europe and once to Bali. Three years ago, I met my beloved and deepened into the codes of sacred union. We keep growing more in love and have settled into our dream life together in Hawaii.



Life is a journey of magic and miracles. Each breath a gift, each moment precious. I’ve come to realize that the best things in my life I don’t plan. That the most amazing opportunities and my destiny seem to magically light up my path, not without effort on my part, but with such an incredible, miraculous nature that it becomes impossible to feel like I’m not being guided by a loving force bigger than my human self. It’s like myself is a seed and everything in the universe is conspiring to see my flower.


This is true for all of us.


We are all flowers in the garden of humanity, blooming into our potential. I believe that when we commune with life as an act of love making, when we thank the flowers for being, and feel the love of the air we breath, we cultivate alignment with nature and our truest selves. This is when magic and miracles become more and more common. I truly believe abundance, joy, ecstatic love, health and wholeness are our birthright as humans, however, when we pollute our bodies, minds and souls by being out of alignment with Truth, we experience disharmony. I see life as a beautiful story that we are the stars of. When we look at our life in this manner, it frees us up to ask, “what would I dream and do if this was going to be my favorite story in the world”. When life is lived from this place, it becomes so much richer. It also gives us permission to follow our heart. It is crucial to not wait for someone outside of yourself to give you approval for living the life you desire. The key to your freedom is in the center of your own being. I believe that when you love life to the fullest, life loves you to the fullest. The most important thing we can do is to blossom into our most radiant selves.


When we align ourselves with the frequencies of love, gratitude and joy, miracles happen.


I trust that magic and miracles are awaiting.


I trust that my dreams are coming true.


And I’m making this life, my favorite story of all.


May we all live in harmony with the ourselves, the Earth, and each other.


Heaven is a state of consciousness, not a place outside us or off this Earth.