It's time to Remember your Birthright...

Heaven on Earth

Ways We Can Deepen Together

Inner Revelation is the Truest Revolution

Can you Feel it?

You know you are here to change the world.


You know it starts with yourself.


You know there is no more time to wait.


You are ready to


Follow your Soul Calling.


You want to reach your highest potential for the good of all. Physically, emotionally, soulfully. I know this because I do too and have devoted my life to this aspiration. We are living in dire times. Our planet and humanity is being poisoned. We live disconnected from ourselves, the earth and each other. The mass heart of humanity is closed. And the Divine Feminine must rise again in our consciousness.




But it’s not easy.


You came to this planet to be human and it’s more than you signed up for.


Sexual abuse, poisoned food, dirty air, inharmonic environments, emotional turmoil, synthetic drugs, programed thoughts, school indoctrination, slavery job system.




Anxiety, depression, heartbreak, body pain, emotional pain.

Sometimes it can seem like hell.


You know it can be different. You have the seeds of a new world in your heart that are so tender, so tiny that you wonder how they could ever come to be.



You see a world where we live in harmony with ourselves, nature and each other. Peace, beauty, and love all around. Let me tell you. It is possible. We must keep believing and never ever give up hope. Let’s water the seeds of this dream together.


YOU are a unique and precious droplet of water that has never and will never again be created in the span of humanity.


You have a special part to play in the great story that is yours alone.


I would be lying if I told you that following your soul and living in alignment with natural law was a cake walk and everything is handed to you on a silver platter, but yes, miracles and magic are part of every breath when you live from this space.


We need you to be the best you can be. To be dedicated to awakening.


Never forget that you are holy.


You are sacred.


You come from the stars, you are a star, you live on a star.


You are so unconditionally loved.


Change the Vibration of the Waters you are made of and Change your Life.


You are 99% water at the molecular level.






I am committed to serving the woman of this world to reach their highest potential of health and happiness.



The time I spent with Dakota was magical, healing and beyond what words can express. She awakened so much within me, with regards to the ancient feminine temple arts, sacred touch, singing, channeling and her own embodiment of the Priestess. She is one of Aphrodite’s Daughters. She radiates holy sensuality and sexuality fully embodied and expressed. She embodies the holy light of Sophia and the ancient rose lineage. She is sacredness, divine beauty, purity, love, and sacred feminine light incarnate. She is a true living breathing Priestess from another time. She is a mystic, mermaid, healer, and otherworldly oracle. She has so many gifts that she offers this world. Us coming together activated this ancient feminine remembrance within me again that was always inside of me, yet was laying dormant.

Since she is so clearly rooted in her soul essence, her embodiment of who she is activated me into my full soul essence and I was sparked alive like a torch of fire lighting another torch through purely who she is and what she embodies. She is medicine for the world, and carries the ancient feminine codes that are so needed on the planet right now. She is here to awaken women to their divinity, and to restore the Sacred Feminine back onto this Earth so that She may flourish again.

There are very few people who have had such a tremendous impact on me, as Dakota and our true sisterhood connection. She is one of the most angelic, divine, and pure vessels of the Divine Feminine that I know…and I am deeply and eternally grateful for our thread of sisterhood that is ancient…I love her more then words can express and she is a true Soul Sister from many lifetimes.”

Nicole Hemmer

“I want to write you a thank you-letter. To express my deep, deep gratitude. For the retreat. For everything I found there, for who you are and what you taught me. For your beautiful and loving presence. And for your deeply inspiring connection to the waters. I feel so honored to have had the chance to witness that connection so closely. It was time for me to not only embrace the shadow-side of the waters that have taken so much space in my being, but to also allow her love to run through my veins. To accept that I am worthy of that love, that I am part of that love. That I am love….

I touched that feeling during the retreat. For the first time. That feeling of being loved, of being connected through love, of being worthy of love. From the very first moment we met, I felt so safe around you. I felt your authenticity in the way you approached me. That’s what made me permit myself to really sink in. I have never felt myself being part of a group equally as loved, appreciated and valued as everyone else and now I have.

The way you held space for the group and introduced us to this true meaning of sisterhood is something that I’ll cherish for always. It’s exactly what I needed. Although there’s still a path to walk, I can start to feel how I can serve the world even better if I allow myself to bathe in love.

How I not only deserve being loved, but always am being loved. Because she’s always there. I am her. I am water. I am love. I am… No distant witness anymore. But part of the whole. You taught me. I let you teach me. The time has come to surrender to love….”

Leen Joanna


My love note to you...

 “I am here to remind you of the beauty you are. To guide you into your brilliance and hold you in your humanity. My name is Dakota Chanel, it means Friend Channel. This is what I am. I am not your healer. I am not your superior. And goddess forbid take me off any pedestal before I dance off of it out of boredom. 😉 I am here to be the friend who appears in the desert and supports you in finding the wellspring of your own brilliance. We must resurrect the divine human potential within our own hearts. No amount of money, fame, sex, food or drugs will ever fill up the hole of being disconnected from your essence, source, God/Goddess, Love, whatever your word is for that holy current which sustains all life.”

Dakota Chanel is an Ordained Water Priestess, Mystic, and Writer. She is dedicated to the remembrance of unity consciousness restoring balance upon our sacred earth. She knows in every cell of her being that we are the children of the most beautiful love story in the universe and devotes her life as inspiration for humanity to remember how loved they are. She supports woman in living life as an act of love making through living in alignment with the laws of nature.  She guides woman into their own gnosis through the Water Priestess Mystery School, group programs & retreats. Dakota lives heaven on earth, barefoot in dresses, picking wild fruit, being a mermaid, and celebrating the magic of life on the island of Kauai.