"worthiness or worth-ship"

To give worth to something

This is the root meaning of the word Worship.

What a beautiful description it is in the context of honoring your beloved.



To support your beloved to feel their worth.

How valuable, how precious, how cherished they are.

To express your deep gratitude to them.

Not just in words, but through ceremony and the body.

Not through sex, but through other forms of intimacy.

We all long for love.

To be loved and to love in return transports us closer to our truest nature. I believe that we are divinely designed to be in love. In love with life, each other and ourselves.



"You’ve been walking the ocean’s edge, holding up your robes to keep them dry. You must dive naked under and deeper under, a thousand times deeper. Love flows down. The ground submits to the sky and suffers what comes. Tell me, is the earth worse for giving in like that." -Rumi

Are you desiring to feel even more connected & in love with your beloved?



Have you experienced the magic of priestess arts with women and haven’t known how to take it to your man?

You long for something deeper in your relationship. You can feel. Almost taste it. A quality of sacredness. A deepened intimacy. Something ancient and primordial. It can be brushed off, this subtle pulsing, yet it will only grow. 

You are ready for WORSHIP.

Oftentimes, as adults in partnership, we primarly share intimacy through sex.

It’s physically easy to take your clothes off and have sex with someone.

It’s a lot more challenging to bare your naked soul. 

It is an intimacy that goes deeper than talking and words. Whatever language we speak was taught to us, not something we are inherently born with. Yet, the language of the body and soul, of sensation and presence are gateways to infinity.

That is why I designed this mentorship. To support women to create intentional ceremonies to connect deeper with their partners.

Your body is my church.

Let me worship on the altar of your love.

I’ll make offerings of living water.

Smoke of emblazoned passion.

Kisses dipped in honey.

The sanctity of this sanctuary.

Echos through eternity.

Home, whole & holy.

Man and women are created equal and designed to love one another.

Through entering ceremonies of devotion, we open doorways and portals to heightened states of consciousness. True gnosis beyond what can be read about or learned from the external. Instead, it is a direct experience of divine love and rapture.

Relationship is one of the greatest potentials for accessing these states of being. Through being in love with another person, we can rise in love with all life. It brings us back to our essential nature that we are born into this world as love.

Nothing can taint this truth. No matter what you’ve gone through. It is never too much that this love can’t hold it. This love can hold everything in it’s wings, even the perceived opposite of itself.

That our relationships can be our church and our bodies can be the altar.

What is Worship?

Worship is a 10 week mentorship program that teaches women how to facilitate ceremonies for their beloved that build deep sacred union intimacy.

This is not just a gift to your partner.

It’s a gift to yourself because:

you get to learn and practice self care priestess arts on yourself on the live calls with other women in sisterhood

you learn how to give in a way that fills your cup so you feel like you’re receiving as well

the self growth is profound as facilitating these ceremonies bring up anything that needs to be alchemized into wholeness

a deeper intimacy will naturally occur from creating this intentional honoring space

10 Modules

Each week for 10 weeks, you will receive video and PDF content in the temple portal. The first two weeks, we lay the foundation, release blocks to experiencing this kind of love and worship, and prepare. The next 6 weeks, we learn and practice a new weekly ceremony with our beloved. The final two weeks, we learn about sacred lingam worship and lovemaking as prayer.

6 Exquisite Ceremonies

You receive 6 recorded ceremonies. Each ceremony has been channeled specifically with an intentional theme such as Releasing or Sensitizing. Each ceremony is a methodically designed, unique blend of priestess arts. There are intimate videos of my beloved and I doing all the ceremonies and a PDF for written reminders.

10 Live Calls

We have a 90 min zoom call every week on Wednesdays at 12pm PST. In the call, I share the format for the ceremonies. We also practice some of the priestess arts together on the call. They will be part instructional and part ceremonial. Each call will be recorded and put in the temple portal for you to watch if you can’t make it live or wish to review the content.

Priestess Lover Arts

We will learn and practice many priestess arts to bring to our beloveds such as ritual washing, anointing, elixirs, breath work, massage, dance, poetry, prayer, sound healing, and more.

Gift Package

You will be mailed a gift package full of magical items to support you with the ceremonies in this journey. I hand made and poured deep intention into them. Including, sacred union anointing oil, holy water, salt scrub, massage oil, rose nectar, aphrodisiac tea, shell, feather, resin & incense, honey and a hand written love note.

22 Women

The container is capped at 22 women to keep the container intimate and deep.

Telegram Group

We will have a Telegram group to connect when we aren’t on calls to deepen in sisterhood, share insights, pictures, videos and ask questions. Telegram is a wonderful alternative to a Facebook group because you don’t have to be on social media to use it and it is very private and honoring of personal data and pictures. It’s easy to use and simple to sign up.

1:1 Telegram Support

You will also have personal access to my number on telegram, so you can ask any personal questions you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the group for a same day response. Sometimes, you may be setting up for ceremony and have an in the moment question arise. I’m here for that!

Time Commitment

90 min live call every week

20 – 30 min of extra video material per week

40 – 60 min of ceremony with your beloved per week


1 Year Access

This is a live journey with an amazing group of women from around the world, however, don’t worry if you need more time to move from module to module. You will have access to the material for a year and can go back to anything at anytime.

Week One

This week is about laying the foundation. We connect as a group, set up our temple spaces, sacred union altar, and learn/ practice 2 foundational daily rituals.

Week Two

We learn about men’s trauma, how to create safe space for triggers, rooting in divine worthiness, and practices you can share daily in your relationship.

Week Three - Seven

These five weeks, we learn a new ceremony to share with our beloved each week. Each one is unique and has a powerful intention such as Releasing or Sensitizing. I share about the structure live and we practice together on the call.

Week Eight

This week is another ceremony, but we specifically focus on the magic and nuances of oral sex.

Week Nine

This week we dive into sacred lovemaking and how to bring more exquisite intimacy into sex. We also dive into the magic of sexual fluids and rituals to honor them.

Week Ten

This week is a celebration/ integration of our time together. We will share in a completion ceremony and talk about next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I don’t have a lover?

Yes. You can join if you don’t have a beloved but want to learn and practice the ceremonies on a friend. What a great way to show the universe how ready you are for partnership!

When are the live calls?

Every Wednesday at 12pm PST. The first call is 90 min – 2 hours and every call after that is 90 min.

What if I can't make the calls live?

All the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the temple portal, so you can watch them at any time.

Will you offer this again?

Yes, but not for awhile. At least until late this year or even early next year.

Can I join if I don’t have priestess experience?

Yes, absolutely. I will be teaching everything you need to know and you will receive a package with all the required tools.

Can I join if I'm with a woman?

This program is designed for women with male partners. I honor & celebrate same sex partnerships, but this mentorship focuses on male/female dynamics. If you feel really called, and don’t mind that the languaging is for heterosexual couples and the last two modules are about lingam worship and sex, you are welcome. You can fill out an application and let me know in the questionaire.


Have Another Question?

Email aloha@dakotachanel.com