Mermaids of the Mother

Water Temple Arts in the South of France

Join 18 other women from around the world for 7 nights in France, near Toulouse.

The ancient lands of the Cathars and Mary Magdalene.

June 24th-July 1st 2024

Water Priestess Arts, Sensual Embodiment, Body Temple Tending, Holy Sisterhood

We are Mermaids & Womb Priestesses

The most pure divine feminine teacher that I know is the water.


Water. Not just a substance, she is the Divine Mother incarnate.


Without her, nothing living would exist.


The water is the root of the lineage of love.

She is the primordial fabric all beings are woven from.


Water as mother. Mother as love. Love as water. The spiral flows.



This pilgrimage is a deep dive into the energy of the Divine Mother embodied in the lineage of love as many women through time, including Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. Now we are being called to continue stepping into our destiny as mother’s of heaven on earth. We will journey to many sacred sites, learn about Mary Magdalene and how the lineage of love moved through her, to the Cathar’s, and now into the present time.


I believe our future children are calling us together to activate in ceremony & loving sisterhood in some of the most love rich lands on earth, the southwest of France. To fulfill a destiny, a prophecy, a legacy of love and anchor something precious, ancient, and beautiful together. I feel a special remembrance and activation awaiting us. We each hold a vital key to what we can access together through our shared gifts.


I am specifically calling together the women who know an essential part of their mission on earth is to be mother’s to their star children and restore the holy family.


It’s not about one holy family.

.It’s about creating a legion of holy families.


 That can not be silenced.

That cannot be erased.

 We are here to see heaven restored upon this planet.

Starting in our hearts and homes.

 All begins within.

Honoring the Blue Pearl Lineage of Love

Restoring the Head of the Dragon Mother

Releasing the Grief of Separation

Resting into the Ecstasy of Revelation

Singing the Song Lines Illumined

Unveiling the Bride of God

Divine Mother, Water Goddess of Love in her many Forms

All souls have a special destiny woven through time as part of the earth’s great symphony of stories. We are connected to other souls who have similar missions.


Some of us carry a unique thread in the tapestry of life to restore the divine mother (and remember to be a mother you must first be a lover) to her rightful throne next to the father as equal.


Some of us have soul contracts to bring through a specific group of children, I see them as pearls. Your womb is an ocean filled with the pearls of your eggs, a part of your future child already lives within you. Your body moves as water & starlight and as the portal opens for you to become a mother, there is the possibility to anchor massive amounts of light from heaven.


Imbedded into the land of Occitania is a massive 5 pointed star of Venus anchored with different sacred sites. A portal of love woven into the Earth. Many sacred places in the Languedoc (now south of France) were devoted to the great goddess by many names including Isis, Diana, and Minerva. Magdalene came to this area after the crucifixion for many reasons, but I believe that some factors were this star gate, powerful earth energies, and the goddess temples that were safe havens of the feminine.


There is a group of children coming to earth for collective creation of heaven in a way that we have tasted. We have parted the veil. We have experienced other dimensional states of awareness. We have built so much foundation for heaven on earth. And as all loving mothers dream, our children will do so much more than us.


We walk pilgrimage both on the soil of the earth and within our soul, always an inner and outer journey. We will move through these lands with the intention of preparing even more deeply to receive our children within a collective of women with the same intention. To be held in the arms of the water, divine mother love.



Languedoc, France

The southwest of France is absolutely enchanting. The land is rich and soaked in a lineage of love from Mary Magdalene and the Cathars. The land looks similar to Tuscany with rolling green and golden hills, yet there are also gorgeous dramatic mountains. It is a terrain that is abundant in natural beauty and sacred water sites. Endless churches and castles.


As a little girl, I wanted to go to France more than anywhere in the world. It called my heart and beaconed me. The first time I went 5 years ago was life changing for me. In 2021, I had a powerful dream telling me to travel to a specific place in France I’d never heard of and connect with the spirit of a Cathar priestess. I traveled there in 2022 for a self guided Cathar & Mary Magdalene pilgrimage and finally found the places in France that I’d been waiting to discover since I was a child. I walked those lands and felt them not only in my blood as ancestry, but in my spirit. Finally remembering the fragrance as wet candle lit caves, wild blooming rosemary, and golden love. I discovered places without proper directions off the tourist trail that are some of my favorite places ever. In 2023, I lead 32 women in two pilgrimages to the places I’d discovered and it was a highlight of this life.


In the 1200’s the catholic church launched a crusade against fellow christians who were considered a threat to the pope’s rule. Killing between 200,000 to a million people in what is known as the Albigensian Crusade mostly in the south of France and northern Italy. These people are referred to today as the Cathars, but they referred to themselves as bon homes, good people. I believe they carried the true teachings of Mary Magdalene, who escaped to France after the crucifixion. They were such a threat to the catholic church that they were hunted, so the lineage of love went underground. Literally.


Now we are in the time of the fulfillment of the prophecy of their return. The laurel is turning green again.


I am honored to bring you on a similar pilgrimage



Arrival day and one other day, we will won’t drive anywhere. All the other days, we will drive to many sacred sites.

Cathar Castles

Lombrives Cave & Secret Cave

Montsegur Mountain

Black Madonna Churches

Magdalene Churches


Miraculous Spring Water Sites

Magdalene’s Baptism River

Isis’s Throne & Surrounding Magic

Rennes le Chateau


Rennes les Bains

Alet les Bains

French Chateau

French Chateau

French Chateau

French Chateau

French Chateau

French Chateau

The most magical pink castle awaits us. Originally built upon much older structures dating from the time of the cathars, the current design built in the late 1800’s in the troubadour style, and recently completely restored & renovated in 2021, this is an ancient gem with a modern, clean interior. We have the blessing of staying in a glorious castle complex with all modern conveniences.


The chateau and surrounding buildings for additional accomodation rest upon over 37 acres. It is an exquisite English style park of romantic inspiration, with species from all over the world, a private chapel, lake, man made grottos, columns, bees and rose garden.

Legend says that the chateau was once a secret hidaway for the french royal family with Magdalene connections and the hope diamond was hidden here. Many magical layers of history and mystery live here that you will learn more about during our stay.

Ancient Cave Ceremonies

Caves are the womb of the mother. This area of France is overflowing with sacred caves. Many were used as places of ceremony by the Cathars. Some are secret and off the tourist trail and others well known. We will journey to two caves. The first is said to be the most sacred to the cathars and connected to Venus. I will not say more about it here as I want to protect its sanctity.


However, Lombrives was also very sacred to the Cathars and is one of the largest caves in Europe. This place in incredibly special. We will have a private many hour walking tour and learn the fascinating history of the place before dropping into a deep ceremony and singing activation in the huge cathedral room with incredible acoustics. A special surprise awaits.

Water Priestess Arts

You will experience all kinds of unique water ceremonies. There will be opening and closing water rituals, ritual washing ceremony, daily water communion, libations & water blessings for the land. We will be keeping a water altar for the duration of the retreat and visit many sacred water sites.

Body Temple Tending

Body Temple Tending

Body Temple Tending

Body temple tending softens us into presence and love through the gateway of the 5 senses. The room become magnetic with heavenly love. We drop into the space of woman as goddess. Sister as me. Body as sacred. It is a gentle and nourishing way to heal sisterhood wounds, sexual trauma, body shame, anxiety, and more.


You will also have the option of participating in a womb/yoni water purification & honoring practice.


We will have the great blessing of doing a group baptism ceremony in the sacred river legend says Mary Magdalene used to baptize people in. 


Baptism is far more ancient than Christianity. Variations of baptisms and water purification ceremonies have been used in ancient cultures including temples in Egypt, Greece, Bali, and other sites around the world. There is recorded documentation of many temple sites having permanent bathing style water structure remains. There are speculations about what they were used for, but based upon my own intuition & research, they were for sacred ceremony including a form of “baptism”. Water is life and used to be honored and revered at the forefront of spirituality.

Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary Ceremony

I have a deep love for Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Both some of the most inspiring women to ever have lived. One, the mother of Christ, the other the wife of Christ and mother of his children. Both holding profound insight and inspiration around the journey of holy family. 


We will share in a womb activation, ritual washing, & anointing ceremony inspired by these incredible mothers to call forth their divine blessing in our desire to carry forth the lineage of love in these times.

Troubadour Poetry & Song

I will be bringing my traveling harp to share music in various churches and sacred sites. We will also learn some songs to sing together along the journey.


One or two evenings after dinner, we will gather in the spirit of the Troubadors to learn about their tradition regarding the courts of love and how it relates to Mary Magdalene.


Then we will each share either a poem or a song that you have written and prepared for this night. Ideally it will about something to do with love, whether divine or personal, but can also be about a topic you feel relates to our pilgrimage such as pearls or conception.

Spring Water

In France, the word for spring is source. I can’t think of a more perfect name than to call this water flowing from the womb of the earth what she is…living pulsing liquid source of us all. The mother. The womb. France, especially the Languedoc, is overflowing with spring water. It seems like every town has a sacred spring or well. We will gather and drink spring water for the duration of our time together.


I will bring you to around 7 different springs reveared for their healing/miraculous powers. We will not go to Lourdes, as it’s a long drive, incredibly touristy and not a favorite of mine. But we will go to another miracle spring that features a white lady visitation and was almost made the “Lourdes” of France.


We will journey to the miricle springs off the tourist trail to commune with the sacred waters, the white ladies, and make many offerings & prayers. By connecting to these miracle water springs, we connect with the depth of the womb of the earth.

Additional Experiences

We will practice the art of anointing through the lineage of the myrrhophore. There will be an abundance of high quality essential oils that we will work with in ceremony that Mary Magdalene was known to use.


We will incorporate a lot of toning, singing & vibrational medicine throughout the journey. As our voices are an essential aspect of water temple arts.


Hiking & dance will be woven in our time together.


 We will enjoy story time from some of the gnostic gospels. I will share legends and stories about Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.

Food Nourishment

Food Nourishment

Food Nourishment

Food Nourishment

The chateau comes with a wonderful chef who uses ingredients from the castle’s garden and from producers within a distance of 50 km. There is a wine list that offers a wide selection of organic and natural wines. Eggs come from chickens kept at the house. Breakfast is homemade sourdough, crossants, eggs, cheese, yogurt, granola, jams and juice. Dinner is a four course gourmet meal. Lunch will be eatten out either as a picnic or at a local restaurant.


This is a feasting celebration retreat when it comes to food. A nourishment of our taste buds and bodies in a rich and ancient way. The theme of our nourishment for the week is organic and as local as possible. This is not a vegan or gluten free retreat but can accommodate some dietary needs if notified in advance.


Mermaids of the Magdalene was my very first initiation into water priestess arts, and it transformed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined or dreamed of. I joined on pure intuition and it was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made..

Dakota practices what she preaches and more importantly: she embodies every piece of wisdom she shares. She holds such a pure, innocent, powerful and clear frequency that is profoundly magnetic. I know I will carry the wisdom, remembrance and clarity I received at this retreat for the rest of my life, into my next lifetimes and beyond.

This retreat not only changed me as a person, it also helped me get clear on my own mission on this Earth, and it made me come home to myself in ways I could have never imagined. A week before the retreat I was diagnosed with ADHD and it shook me a lot. During the retreat, I noticed that all of my intense symptoms that I experience “out in the world” faded like rain before a blazing sun. I felt safe in a way I have never experienced in my life. I felt held and supported, and I feel we unlocked the codes of what true sisterhood means. I literally feel I have made new neural pathways in my brain that are connected to the deepest sense of safety. And I am forever beyond grateful for this!! 

I will cherish all experiences, ceremonies, activations, hugs, giggles and profoundly transformative rituals for the rest of my life. I love Dakota’s work, her soul, her presence, and the way she embodies her mission. I hold her and her work in highest regard.

I absolutely LOVED every aspect of this entire retreat. And I recommend everyone to give themselves the gift of learning from Dakota, and bathe in the profound primordial water wisdom she holds.



Mermaids of the Magdalene pilgrimage to the south of France with Dakota was deeply magical and sacred immersion in the holy energy of the south of France, of Mary Magdalene and her teachings, and into us as her by connecting to our own holiness.

Dakota’s love and respect for Mary Magdalena, who she really is, was evident and the basis of drawing each of us together. It felt like this pilgrimage was a legacy of love Dakota had returned to and was now inviting others to return to too. Every moment of it was a dream. Dakota held a container of sisterhood, relaxation, ease, feminine energy, transformation, delight, & peace. Her embodiment of these things made the container natural & supportive. Dakota’s astute professional leadership was wonderful to witness. As a teacher and creator of retreats myself I hold so much appreciation of her work. 

All the ceremonies & activities had a beautiful cohesive flow. By the end of the week, I realized we had co-created heaven on earth & it’s that simple to do. Each ceremony, sacred spring, and chapel Dakota had found on her travels and brought us to was a transmission & reminder of this, a calling to step into creating heaven on earth now that we’d remembered we can. This was my most profound realization and became my most profound transformation. 



Journeying to the south of France with Dakota was an incredibly transformative experience. There is a certain magic about honoring all that radiates through Dakota—a true Magdalene in every sense of the word, a Water Priestess, and basically Aphrodite incarnate, embodying all aspects of the Divine Feminine in ways that I have never before witnessed in this lifetime until I met her in France. It was evident in the words that she spoke, actions that she took, and pathways that she illuminated for others. The fact that she radiated the beauty of all life in this way, on the sacred lands of the South of France made my pilgrimage that much more potent.

It was nourishing on so many levels—through the historical and spiritual wisdom that Dakota shared of the land, through the ceremony and rituals that we collectively wove, and of course the delicious water that we sourced from sacred springs. The attention and intention to the variety of experiences that Dakota facilitated was so evident as an expression of devotion to her work. In her doing so, it surfaced so much within me—all of which I am looking forward to further exploring, transmuting, and developing. It was an honor to share in this journey with Dakota and to be a part of her work. I come away with more inspiration and devotion to the waters that exist on this Earth and within us, and highly recommend journeying with Dakota to anyone who is called to any or all expressions of her work. In deep gratitude.



Dakota’s in depth knowledge and wisdom was so beautifully and authentically shared with us. She is one of the most thorough and organized women I know, with such an artful capacity to hold the energy of leadership for all of the incredible sister Magdalene Mermaids for the entire seven days. I felt so deeply held and honored to be experiencing her codes of love, truth and beauty of the Divine Sacred Union within, as well as in partnership. She truly is a living example of one who lives her truth, and walks her path continually. She is such an inspiration of devotion to her heart that you can see that inextricable link between her heart and life path being one and the same. It is courageous and admirable and so inspiring. Her enthusiasm and passion is always present, she is wise beyond her years, and so deeply heart centered that you can’t help to feel the inspiration become contagious in the most positive way.

The Languedoc region of France is rich with history and culture, and beautiful beyond imagination. Seeing many sacred sites and collecting and drinking the living spring waters added yet another layer of depth and sacredness to the experience. Dakota guided us so effortlessly in many powerful and profound clearing and healing rituals in sacred ancient places, that deepened and empowered my own sense of self-love and self mastery. She truly is an angel, and I am forever a lifelong ally in the journey of creating the new heaven on Earth. Thank you Dakota for an experience that has touched me so deeply to the core of my soul, the imprint is indelible. I am so honored to be a witness and a participant on this path of love.



Glorious song, laughter and eyes that sparkle with loving kindness, holding hands and deep communion. These were days of soul remembering, connection with place, union with the divine, elemental playtime and enchantment with life past, present and future. I am profoundly grateful and honored to have attended the Mermaids of the Magdalene Retreat. It has been a most precious gift, one that I feel deepening even beyond our time together in France. Dakota has a special way  of bringing forth the purest wisdom, with a sweet and grounded presence. The women who heard the call came with hearts open and arms outstretched.

It was a slice of the template of life as it feels meant to be and a reminder of what is truly possible for humanity. In sensorium, I experienced being held by the divine feminine in a way that I felt my self anew. If only I could find the words to express the depths of my experience! Feeling truly safe, truly worthy and accepted just as I am, allowing the self judgements to fall away, such sweetness. Even if for a moment, this is a profound gift.  My experience continues to deepen and unfold, weeks after our time together and images of the Black Madonnas, the sacred places and waters, the friendships, and teachings all dance in my awareness. My gratitude is immeasurable.



“What we lived in the retreat is truly beyond words.
Sisterhood, Love, Expansion. Divine Feminine, Union.
Heaven on earth.
The perfect time and the perfect moment.
The call was made, and we listened. The ones that finally were meant to be there, together.
It was magic every day, in every moment.
Dakota holds a very high frequency space, in such a harmonious, exquisite and femenine way.
For me personally, this retreat was a Big opening from my heart to fully accept who I am and step into my power to finally show it to the world in the most aligned way. For me this retreat meant to be truly between equals. Powerful women, sisters guided truly by love, feeling the Acceptance in the bottom of my heart. It meant to be in a space where you can truly be, share your gifts, surrender to whatever comes or happen, because we were holding each other in such a beautiful way, that all the resistances simply were pushed aside. It was a blessing. A gift.
The most powerful activations I have had in my life. Really changing the codes. Really letting yourself simply be, and letting your true self to reveal. This retreat has been life changing. There are no words to describe the huge feeling of blessing, gratitude and love that is in my heart everytime I remember the experience, everytime I think how grateful I am for having met all my sisters, and for all the blessings and activations that were received those days.”


Sara Baretto

Canary Islands

“The retreat held and transformed me in ways I could have never seen coming.

Dakota holds a frequency of pure unconditional love, powerful innocence and ancient wisdom. Everything that is not that is innately invited to emerge in the safety of the container to be alchemized.

This allows for a deeply healing sisterhood experience, where every sister is equally celebrated in her true essence and honoured in her power.

I’ve had a pattern for as long as I can remember of feeling deeply inferior in the presence of powerful beings and doubting my belonging in every group I have been a part of. For the first time in my life, I got confronted with the reality that this pattern is created by just a belief and that I actually do get to shift it, if only I choose to surrender to the greater truth.

I have never felt as safe in my body as I did at the retreat. I felt a bit shy knowing there would be practices involving physical touch and minimal clothing. But when the time came for them, my consciousness got flooded with remembrance that cast out the fear. I knew we had been tending to each other’s bodies in these ways for thousands of years. It felt right, invigorating and beautiful. I felt like my body could remember true joy for the first time in years. Remembering my body as holy and feeling every woman’s body as that made it so that both giving and receiving in these ways felt like an equally great honour.

My relationship to water has shifted substantially. Learning some ways of the water priestess initiated me into feeling deeply connected to the waters of the earth and the waters within in a very new way.

I will continue to integrate this beautiful experience for a long time.

Dakota, deep bows for listening to spirit in such a meaningful way and thank you, thank you for all you embody, all you offer and all that you are.

Love love love

Lena Aline


“I knew I was going to the retreat the second I opened the website. Even through a screen, the powerful and magical energies of Dakota blossomed in my heart. Everything was calling me, the energy of the incredible island, the enchanted rituals that were offered and Dakota’s light.

During the retreat everything became even more clear, it was not only a retreat, it was a divine meeting of daughters of the water. A group of powerful and divine water sisters. Thank to Dakota, who holds such humble and beautiful circles with all her heart, a strong sisterhood was created from the beginning. I felt home, I felt safe and supported. We all had our place at this circle, we all had a purpose, sometimes being the one that fell down, sometimes the one that holds her sisters, activations and liberations happened in a perfect and magic flow.

Dakota is very dedicated in her mission, it is so obvious and beautiful to see her natural connection with the spirit of water, and she takes us easily into her magical world and connection.

During this retreat I experienced different deep moments of rituals, it was soft, divine and profound.

I loved this magical retreat. I recommend it to every women on Earth to connect with the element of water, source of life, source of women’s pleasure. It can bring you into your deepest self, remembering your truest essence. And when practicing along with other sisters, it is even more intense and magical.”

Marina Perez


The Water Priestess Retreat was absolutely incredible, and life-changing. It was a discovery of the waters of the world and the waters within my being.  The women that she attracted were the perfect blend to awaken parts in me that have been hiding just under the surface. At this retreat, I rediscovered my ancient Priestess self, saw my magickal abilities in a more profound way, and really felt into my personal codes and place in this world.

The temple space that Dakota created was exquisite and transformative. I learned so many tools and teachings that I will carry with me for lifetimes to come, and am forever grateful for this experience.

Ashley Sunshine

Yogini Priestess, Israel


Private Room w/ Private Bathroom




Private Room w/ Shared Bathroom




Shared Room w/ Shared Bathroom




In addition to gathering in person for the pilgrimage, we will begin to gather online two months before. It feels very important to lay a strong foundation for our time together, so we can make the most of being in person. We will introduce ourselves, learn Cathar and Magdalene history, cover additional content such as dragon lines and water magic, learn songs together that we can sing at the sites (one in Aramaic, one in Latin and one in Occitan), and study some of the gnostic gospel teachings.

We will meet via Zoom for four virtual classes. We will also have a follow up integration call once we are home.


Four 90min educational live zoom calls before the pilgrimage & one integration call after

2 pre-recorded masterclasses (sacred union and conception ceremony)

Required and Recommended Reading List

3 Meals a Day & Accommodation

All Entrance Fees, Transportation, Ceremonies & Adventures



Email [email protected]

Dakota has had the honor of journeying to the south of France for extensive pilgrimage three times over the past 5 years to commune with the land, do research for her upcoming book, and remember the magic of Occitania. Each time she goes, more is revealed. The land is an ancient manuscript that unveils new meaning the more you read it. In 2023, she taught two back to back pilgrimages with 32 women and 2 babies. Dakota has been studying Mary Magdalene since she was 18, water priestess arts since she was 21 and leading retreats around the world for 7 years. It is her highest joy to share these teachings of love, equality, and union to co-create heaven on earth. She recently discovered her mother is 50% French by DNA testing and has been discovering more of her French ancestry, including 10 recorded ancestors named after Magdalene. To teach again in France before becoming a mother is her highest joy and dream come true. She can’t wait to share these sacred places with you and co-create the most beautiful journey.