“Making love with you is my most powerful spiritual practice & meditation. Let’s cuddle, sync our breath and fill each other with gratitude.” Hearing these words pour like honey out my beloved’s lips are a soothing balm to my soul. After years of being in a relationship where I was told my sexuality & pleasure was a distraction on the pathway to god, now I’m in a partnership where we make love every day, and treat it as our favorite spiritual practice.

Your lover’s body is an altar

Your thoughts adorning the unseen spaces

Your hands tending the tender places

Maybe no one else has seen

We lovers touch the places no other light can get to

Make sure your thoughts are prayers

Your hands instruments of devotion

Don’t be blind

Behold the majesty in front of you

Your lips are jewels breathing rubies down my throat

Your rhythm the pulse keeping this heart alive

Your gaze the first thing to penetrate

Adore and be adorned in the splendor of rapture

Throw off these covers of separation

My body

Your body

Lay it

On the altar

Of beloved

True sight

One eye


See the god within your beloved and worship.

Sex and divinity are not separate. This is one of the most damaging consequences of certain modern religions. That we are sinners for having sex outside of marriage. Not true!

Some of the most spiritual experiences of my life have been making love.

You deserve to be adored. Cherished. Your sexuality is one of your most precious gifts. It has the potential to create another human being! What an honor to be celebrated and uplifted.

Any religion or spirituality that does not value union of the masculine and feminine, sexuality, and the sacredness of family is anti life and anti love and I regard as the true distraction on the earth. To demonize the body. To disregard relationships. Is a clever bypass. It’s easy to think you are enlightened by yourself in a cave. Try having a family and being in the world.


Hahahaaa there is no way I would ever make a list like that 😉 I’m totally kidding. But here are a few suggestions.

~ Be Present. Sounds simple, but actually is the hardest thing to do. Be completely present with the sensations that arise and be honest with your partner. The presence will guide the way!

~ Breathe into your heart, womb, yoni. Stay with the breath. Synch your breath. Alternate breath. Eye gaze

~ If your mind is thinking too much, switch to love and gratitude. Literally have a mantra of how much you love and appreciate the person you are with until it turns off in the presence of orgasmic bliss.

~ Delight your senses. Feed each other delicious foods. Anoint each other with precious oils. Massage. Play with sensations.

~ Cover your partner in rose petals. Heaven.