If I’m in my head thinking while having sex, I love to switch to prayer and praise. It is so powerful to celebrate and pray for your beloved during lovemaking. To pour your love and gratitude into them. To feel it move and baptize every cell. Give the mind a beautiful practice until it’s ready to fully let go. Especially because love making generates energy and amplifies our thoughts. Sometimes we can be in work mode. Or list mode. Or chore mode. If the mind is still doing stuff instead of being present, give it something useful to do like honor your beloved or observe what feels good.

Example Thoughts:
I am so grateful for this beautiful beloved
What a honor to share my body with this person
Thank you for trusting me
I adore you
This feels amazing
I love it when you do that

Then think about all the sensations you can name. Focus on your breath and body sensations and empty the mind. Making sounds is very powerful to shift into presence.

Eventually, the mind will stop thinking and you’ll be immersed in the orgasmic sensations.

This is also a great practice to do in life in general! The mind loves to be busy and a lot of energy is wasted through overactive thinking or worrying. If you find your mind in thought loops or patterns, take out the tape! As my mama used to say. Mantras are very powerful for this. Also, focusing on breath.

Our thoughts are powerful and have an effect upon our reality. The more in integrity and life supporting we are with our thoughts, the more power they have and the more beautiful our life becomes.

Celebrate and worship with every thought especially when you don’t want to. This life is so precious and over before we know it. There is so much to be thankful for.