With what’s happening in the collective, there is no better time than now to go out and gather your own spring water! 🙂 In honor of World Water Day, I want to share about one of the foundational aspects of my life, the magic of spring water!

The most important reason why I gather and drink my own spring water from nature is almost never addressed in research I do about the best kinds of water. In a science driven culture, we are concerned about alkalinity, deuterium levels, filtration, etc. Most people think of water as a substance, not as a living being. Not as a friend. One of your best friends, truly. 

The spiritual aspect is the number one reason I gather my own spring water. I also believe it is the most natural and healthy option coming from the right spring & not processed as it contains the healthy microbes and probiotics, but I want to address the spirit.

I see water as the elemental representation of the divine mother. She is what makes it possible to have any sort of earthly human experience. We are all formed from the sacred sexual fluids of our parents, gestated in the amniotic fluid of the womb. Our bodies are made of mostly water. Without water, there would be no humans, no trees, no animals, no flowers. It would be like mars.

Spring water bubbles up from deep within the ground filtered and charged through sometimes hundreds of thousands of feet of earth. I find it hard to believe that a filter or machine with around 12 inches of filtration material can be better than that. Not only does it emerge with physically pristine minerals, probiotics and negative ions, it also contains an unmeasurable spiritual essence.

Different spring water has different qualities physically, but also energetically.

There are legends surrounding healing springs around the world. Stories of how they were formed and who guards them. Lordes in France is said to have been created by the Virgin Mary herself and provides healing miracles to people still to this day. Tirta Empul water temple in Bali has a fantastical story involving the spring being created by the god Indra to thwart an enemy, who tried to kill his army with a poisonous pond (this water is for bathing only). The spring at Delphi in Greece is the naiad nymph Castalia said to inspire poetry to those who drink from her waters.

Springs are said to be portals to the other worlds. Guarded by nymphs, nagas, and all kinds of magical creatures.

These types of legends in Europe were almost wiped out with the Roman Empire and inquisitions. All who believed and practiced simple magic such as communing with the water spirits were killed.

One of my favorite stories is that of the well maidens. Legends about women in Europe called the well maidens who used to guard wells and provide water from golden goblets to thirsty travelers. One day, the king came through the land and raped one of them. Sparking the same behavior in other men. The well maidens disappeared. The wells went dry. A wasteland was formed. This tale is a reflection of the connection between water and sexuality as well as the connection between woman and the earth.

Now is the time to re-mem-ber and awaken the well maiden in us all. Mem is the Hebrew letter for water. Water has Mem-ory.

I believe in the values of local water just as much as local food. I see this movement growing in our lifetime. When we drink water from a place, it connects us deeper to the spirit of that location. When I go to a new place, I love to find a spring and drink from the local springs if possible. When I traveled to Glastonbury, UK for the first time, I fasted for 3 days on the sacred waters and local fruits right off the trees. I could feel the palpable connection with the land through this choice.

The spirit of water is calling us to reconnect with her in the deepest way. To gather our own water. Just like our ancestors did. Our ancestors didn’t have fancy water machines. They also didn’t create villages or settle where there was no water. Water was revered as the center of the community and the nodal point around which life could spiral out and take root.

Now we manipulate her, just like the feminine. Dam her waters, manipulate her flow. Plug our waters, take birth control. Sea the parallel?

Liberating water and the feminine are inseparable.

Going to a spring is a journey that connects us to the core of life on earth. When we see it not just through the lens of the physical, but the spiritual, we open to magical experiences. Maybe you’ll even meet a water naga 😉

Introduce yourself & intention
Express your gratitude and love
Make an offering: one that contains your DNA like hair or saliva and the other something like a crystal or flower
Sing & pray
Sit quietly and enter meditation
Express that you are open to meet the guardian of the spring and deeper spiritual/unseen properties of this water
Open and receive the magic

I’ve traveled the world and successfully gathered spring water. Across the states, Hawaii, Europe, Bali. It takes prioritizing, but is so worth it! The only place I have traveled to that I couldn’t get spring water was Florida! So ironic for being the spring state. I’m sure that if I lived there and researched deeper and asked around I could find one, but I didn’t. The result? I was so dehydrated. The processed spring water from the store tasted and felt dead. My body didn’t want it. The green juice was more hydrating (had more hydrogen). The water we drink is the most foundational aspect of our physical health as we are about 3/4 water! Once you start drinking fresh spring water, it’s impossible to go back as you feel the difference so palpably in your cells.

Go to FINDASPRING.COM to see a comprehensive user generated map of cold and hot springs around the world!