There is a theif who wants to steal your peace.
“You can’t be at peace now,” says the thief.
There is so much to be not peaceful about.
Here’s a great reason!
That one looses allure?
Here’s a better reason!
“Oh this one, this one is so great you can’t be at peace! It would be selfish!”, says the thief.
Do you finally see?
What will set you free?
The theif wants a feast.
But it doesn’t eat peace.
It only eats fear.
Shatter the mirror!
The illusion of separation!
We are the union.
These are the bells of reunion.
Starve the thief.
Release the grief.
Your heart a lake of peace.
Joy is my rebellion.

Make my fingers the quills of the goddess
Dip them in her milky ocean as ink
The divide ended in the divine play
Now is the rapture of the way
Return to us I hear her say
The holy trinity of divinity
Rapture of eternity
Freedoms kiss of forgiveness
You want bliss
All you see
You and me
Lovers breath eternally
We share the air, we share the soil, we share the seed, we share the bliss & toil
We must remember we are royal when we humble
Kiss the earth with bare feet
Greet each thing you meet with the heart of sweetness
Harmony’s nest beaconing us to rest
In the inherent birthright with which we’re blessed
On the tide of Amrita I ride
No longer fighting the love inside
This bliss has exploded out my eyes
No longer blinded by the night
Hear my dreams take flight
In the cradle of your constellations
Open up and sing the nations together
Light as a feather
Drink freedoms kiss of forgiveness
The only way we liberate
Is to release all the hate
A million jewels could never compare to the brilliance of you
I have been blinded to true sight
I thought I saw before
But no
These eyes were lying to me
I can never see through the eyes of two. 
You comb my hair in the garden of a thousand suns
The simple pace of tending
My mind went on a walk
I don’t care if it returns
This clarity of peace
Worth all the chatter
Of false protection
The right way to worship is how the divine moves you
Wisdom of ancient gnosis pulses your heart and streams your blood
Follow the divinity in the curves of your body
Home to the source of purity