I’m ready for a new story.

Jesus off the cross, alive.
In Magdalene’s arms.
Kissing her pregnant belly.

The sacredness of sexuality & family.

I see the return of the sun.
The holy masculine essence.
That says no more.
With a warrior spirit.
To this broken system that attempts to create perpetrators instead of protectors.
But men.
You are strong.
You have fought wars for us.
You have shouldered burdens for us.
Built houses for us.
Hunted food for us.
We need you home in the womb of love. 
The biggest battle that needs winning is the division of the sexes. We all want to love and be loved. The simplicity of our hearts deepest cries.

No punishment.
Taken off the cross.
Nurturing the wounds.
Tending the home hearth.

You want heaven?
Find god in your beloved.
And worship.

The holy family must be brought to the forefront of any revolution. The revelation that comes from within. The sacred pulse of father seed and mother ocean in the heart of infinity. To love. To love the other as one to create another. Two birthing three infinitely.

The pathway is tumbling into the Presence with you. Oh my love. Rapture. I see you made in God’s image. A radiant beacon of light.

This is a call to love.
With all the faces.
Gentle and fierce.

I see a prophecy coming into being.
The seeds planted at the beginning.
Sophiac sprouting.
The golden dawn is blooming.
Radiant rose rising.
Keep believing.
Keep seeing.
With 2020 vision.
We hold to the creation.
The clarity of union.
Sacred family be our crest.
Cradled at the breast.
Of loves pulsing breath.
Ocean tides rise and fall.
Kingdoms flourish then crumble.
Only a matter of time.
Before the waters rise.
So hear the cry.
Love with heart.
Know the truth.
Sing the hearth.
Home whole and holy.
In honey comb being.
Trusting in the mystery.

On this day, I honor not just one woman. I honor the lineage of the magdalenes. The mermaids in dev-ocean to the sea of love. Sacred union of the ocean womb and starlight seed coming together infinitely.

I choose a new Magdalene story. Heaven on earth as holy family.