Casual sex doesn’t exist.

There is nothing casual about exchanging sacred sexual fluids.

These waters flow as liquid scrolls of light telling a story deeper than could ever be communicated with words. Not just your story but that of your ancestors. Not just the pretty parts of your story that you like to tell, but those secrets maybe you can barely consciously remember yourself.

All the wholeness and all the fractures.

I’m not writing this to shame one night stands or any kind of consensual sex. In fact, the only lover experience I’ve ever had was a delicious and much needed exchange. It’s to bring awareness of what we are actually doing beyond a physical sensation.

As a woman, our womb is a portal. A port where the ship of sea men comes home. An inter-dimensional ocean that calls starlight into its depth and births celestial songs as babies to earth. Is our womb a heavenly garden of love, truth, sanctity, and virtues of heaven on earth? Yes. And it’s also a compost alchemizer of separation, lies, detritus and shadows of the human condition. This is why bringing the light of our awareness to the black hole of the womb is essential in transmutation and true embodiment.

Semen {sea-men} is sacred. However, not all semen is equal. It is influenced based on what you eat, thoughts you think, actions, karmas, ext. I have had semen that I ingested where I felt sick after. I have also had semen that has filled me with energy, love and vitality. The most powerful experience I ever had went like this…I was with the only lover I’ve ever had (I like to be in committed containers before I made love). I swallowed his seed and was instantly filled with energy and started hearing poetry that wanted to come through. It was late, so he fell asleep, and I went downstairs to write. After I caught the inspiration on paper, I went back upstairs and tried to fall asleep. Instead of falling asleep, I went into this space between waking and dreaming where I could see myself sleeping but I was still conscious. In that space, I felt myself be tuned into the frequency of the angels and it was like a radio was playing in my ears of music from heaven. The angels played two songs. They were the most exquisite songs I have ever heard and the feeling they evoked was purely divine. I remember wishing that it would last forever and the music would never stop, but then it faded. I lay there in awe and gratitude before falling asleep. When I told him what happened in the morning, he said that he knows exactly what I was talking about and that it used to happen to him sometimes. That showed me in a whole new way the power of semen. It is a sacrament that contains information of encoded light.

What if all men consciously knew the power of their wand of light and offered it as a gift in full healing to their beloved?

What if all women consciously knew the power of their oceanic womb portal and offered it as a gift in full healing to their beloved?

What a different world this would be.

The waters of man & woman are some of the most powerful on earth. They create human life. My prayer is that we remember this. That we hold the mixing of sexual waters with honor and reverence.

Sex is my deepest prayer.