I have always disliked the name G-Spot. To name a sacred part of a female’s body after a man who supposedly “discovered” it is so obviously wrong yet perfectly illustrates the backwards nature of our modern culture. After years of not finding anything better to call it besides the gratitude spot, I finally found a name I am absolutely in love with.

I’ve read that the Taoists refer to the g-spot as the BLACK PEARL. This is the most beautiful and accurate name I have come across. 

It doesn’t feel like a pearl physically, but it does energetically. Just like a pearl takes an irritant and transforms it into something beautiful. We can alchemize the trauma into radiant wholeness. The pain into pleasure. The chaos into beauty. The separation into union. The numbness into feeling.

Pearls are the gems of the sea, just like the g-spot is a jewel in the watery yoni. Pearls come radiant and complete unto themselves, needing no polishing or cutting. It was thought in Ancient Greece that pearls were the tears of the gods. This is another potent symbol as this part of our body is deeply connected to tears and the heart. Whatever unprocessed emotions, especially grief and sadness, that are stored there become a literal dam that blocks our amrita from flowing.

It’s also interesting that it is a black pearl, not white or purple or gold. Black being the color that is the absence of all colors. It is not even technically considered a color by scientists because it is the total absence of light. It is the deep void. The primordial zero point. The inky portal of the womb. It embraces all. As white reflects, black absorbs. Within the arms of the divine mother.

Connecting with our black pearl is how we cultivate female ejaculation or what I like to call amrita orgasms. My favorite kind of climax.

Amrita orgasms feel like my cells have been baptized from the inside out.

Instead of an orgasm that feels like more of a contraction (such as a clitoral orgasm) it is a deep relaxation and pure surrender with a flow of nectar from our bodies.

A big part of my offerings to humanity it to support women to awaken to the power of their inner amrita waters. It is healing for our bodies and for the earth!