Recently, I bought an almost $400 sustainably sourced garnet and offered it in ceremony with holy water, honey and prayers to my favorite waterfall. I know that probably sounds nuts to many of you but hear me out. This is my form of Seva to the Deva. Or service to the elementals. It is a very important form of activism to me.

I first realized the power of offering crystals to water accidentally. I’ve told this story a lot so I’ll keep it brief, but years ago I hiked to a waterfall that told me to offer my favorite quartz crystal into it that I’d been working with for years. I did it and felt how happy it made the water to receive the gift. Then I had a super mystical experience totally sober where I felt like my cells were blooming from the inside out.

Since then, I’ve been guided to offer specific crystals to specific bodies of water in specific ceremonies.

Why is it so powerful to offer crystals to water? 

Water is a liquid crystal! At least in its living form. This is called structured water and it is the kind of water that supports life with geometric molecular structure. However, due to toxicity and human mistreatment, a lot of water has become dead otherwise known as bulk water. It no longer holds a cohesive structure or pattern.

This is important because structured water can receive and share information. It is vitally important and a main aspect of water priestessing to create living water however we can. Water is constantly being influenced by what’s around it. So by giving crystals to the water, we are offering a gift of crystalline structure! In addition to whatever other properties are in the gemstone.

I highly recommend offering crystals to water. However, most crystals have been mined unethically so be careful and aware in your sourcing. There are also other things that are wonderful gifts to offer the water.

Crystals & Stones
Other Holy Water
Honey (one of my favs. Watching honey pour into water is one of the most beautiful things)
Flower Essences
Essential Oils

Make sure whatever you offer is natural, organic, and of the highest alignment with nature. This is the MOST important element of offerings. It doesn’t matter how much it costs or how much you offer, it is about the purity of the substance and also the purity of your heart & intentions.


“I offer the depth of my gratitude to the waters of life & womb of creation. Please accept this offering of ____ as an extension of my love and appreciation.”

Then using the power of your visualization, imagine the waters glowing and forming beautiful crystalline shapes.

Water gives us everything so generously. It feels good to give back even in little ways.

I pray that our waters will be restored to pure crystalline vibrancy of heaven on earth frequencies.