Did you know that your bath might be toxic? If you’re a mermaid like me, baths can happen almost on the daily. I love to fill the tub with heavenly hot water, and feel tension melt away. They are my go to anytime I want to feel better physically or emotionally.However, tap water can be dangerous. Our pores open from the heat which makes the chemicals in the water get absorbed through our skin right into our blood stream. You also breathe some of them in through vapor, such as chlorine. In fact, chlorine gas was used in World War One as a chemical weapon. Everyone’s tap water is different. Some people have great spring or well water that comes through the tap, but it is rare. Other’s live in a city where their tap water is literally recycled waste water. Most people are somewhere between those two extremes.

The good news is that you can change this! First off, become informed. Find out what is in your tap water. Then invest in a home filtration system if possible. If not, they have reasonably priced shower & bath filters. I’ve included my recommendations below.Find out what’s in your tap water:https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/


? BUY A BATH FILTER:Friendsofwater.com has a great bath ball filter that hangs right on the tub. These are great. Super reasonably priced and effective. We use one on our bath. You can also get a shower filter an if the head can reach your bath, use that to fill up the tub.https://www.friendsofwater.com/product/bath-water-filters

/? BUY A SHOWER FILTER:Live Pristine makes a good one:https://livepristine.com/collections/shower-filters

? ADD THINGS TO THE WATER:Flowers, essential oils, nut milks, hydrogen, flower essences, salts, etc. (test to make sure your skin won’t have allergic reaction)

? BEWARE OF BATH BOMBS:A lot of them are not natural and contain toxins & dyes. Read labels, just because something says natural doesn’t mean it is.

? USE ECO SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER:My personal all time favorite is Living Libations. I have also used and liked Clearwater Cultures (bar style, zero plastic & zero waste) and Morocco Method.


This is what I used to make the milky blue bath color in the video. It’s the most heavenly bath ever!

? Blue Butterfly Pea Tea (I used about a cup and steeped a full coffee press with the same flowers until no more color came out)

? Oat Milk (homemake, thick & strained is best)

? Roses (petals & whole flowers)

? Rose Essential Oil