Do you want your beloved to adore you like a goddess?

Act like one and treat him like a god.

Then see how he treats you as the goddess. 

I often hear women wishing their men would adore them more in the bedroom.

It’s sad, but most men haven’t been taught how to do this.

You can wish that he was, but it’s actually part of your role at this moment on the planet if you are a magical woman to initiate the masculine.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a “teacher”. Actually NO. Please don’t treat him in that way.

Instead, teach through embodiment.

Teach through adoring and worshiping him how you desire to be treated.

(And treating yourself this way)

Most men just need an example. If it’s a healthy relationship, he will want it to feel balanced and show up.

You may still need to ask for what you desire, but at least he has a framework and context for how to do this.

Resistance to worshiping your lover how your desire to be worshiped is directly related to persecution wounds.

It’s one thing to embody priestess arts with yourself and other women.

It’s a whole other level of initiation to do it with the masculine.

Some of the fears can be:

“He will judge it. Think it silly. Reject me. Abandon me. Persecute me.”

Because some of the biggest wounds of women are around the patriarchy take over.

Men are YEARNING for this kind of feminine magic love and tending! They need us to step up and show them this way of being!

The patriarchy has also devastated men.

We can’t sit around hoping men will magically understand. We need you to teach your husbands and sons.

It is time to initiate men into the sacredness of the temple arts.

But I believe that this can only be done purely in the committed container of love.

Whether you commit to that love 100% for a day or a lifetime is only up to you.

You are an emanation of the goddess.

Act like it.

End the war between the sexes.

End the battle field that lives in families.

Be the well spring of sweet water that you and this world is longing for.