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When we make love, we can touch the stars.

Your body is a portal to the heavens.

Sex is so much deeper than physical pleasure. It touches the soul, merges DNA, and has the potential to support you to access altered states of divine consciousness, specifically multidimensional awareness. Love making has the potential to be the most sacred thing we could share with another human. 

 Making love can connect us with the non physical and most subtle realms. Especially when the life force energy circulates and supports the opening of the glands supporting multidimensional awareness. This is a richer potential of love making. Our bodies don’t last forever, maybe 100 years if we are blessed. So making love as a refinement and building of the light body (or soul, spirit, whatever you call the part of you that lives beyond death) is so much deeper than pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Although here is a huge key. Bliss and ecstasy build the light body tremendously. Literally supporting it to take flight into higher realms of awareness. Love making is a bridge between worlds where we can weave more frequencies of heaven into the fabric of matter with our pleasure and awareness. The most powerful energy being that of Love and the Heart. For sex without heart and love does not nourish the soul in the same way. You can experience heart connection and love no matter how long you’ve known someone. However, it’s important to be careful because other energies can come in through sex and take energy from your field.

Sex protection is not just physical and about wearing a condom. Energetic and spiritual protection is just as important. I’ve learned this through intense personal experience. This is why womb clearing is so important and powerful.

When you make love with someone, it is not just bodies that mix. It is not just flesh, and bone. Nor just DNA and ancestral waters. There is a mixing of souls. There is a communion of the unseen realms that compose you.

 For no one is only what can be seen. We are all great mysteries of infinite depth. When you make love with another, you have the capacity and honor to touch places no one else can.

You Will Learn:

All about Celestial Sex

As women, our bodies are literal portals to the stars. We have the ability to incarnate spirit into matter. Incredible lovemaking is about so much more than physical pleasure. We have the potential to weave heaven into earth through sexuality. As well as have visions and access expanded states of awareness.

We will cover all of this magic as well as the importance of energetic and spiritual protection when making love.

Tools & Practices

You will receive powerful tools and practices for how to embody and access more multidimensional love making. This brings more depth, intimacy and pleasure to your intimacy.

Live Womb Clearing Ritual

We will also share in a live womb clearing ritual.

Spiritual Nature of Amrita

You will also learn about the magic of Amrita, female ejaculation and how it relates to celestial sex with its spiritual meaning and potential.

Replay Recording

You have indefinite access to the recording and can watch as many times as you like.

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