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We all want to love and be loved. To me, being in love is the greatest thing about being human. And I don’t believe this is a design flaw. I believe it is our holy design to be in love. I also believe that our intimate love is the most powerful alchemical caldron for spiritual growth and embodiment. I also believe that it is one of the things that will save our world.

There is a lineage of Love.

 That teaches the way of the body.

The sacredness of this holy house.

 The holy alchemy of relationship as a path to the divine.

You Will Learn:

What is Sacred Union?

We will learn what is sacred union and the lineage of love. What does it mean, why is it important and how do we embody it to create heaven on earth?

I’ll also share a bit about my own personal experience doing the work for inner union to magnetize my beloved.

3 Powerful Sacred Union Couples

You will learn about 3 inspiring beloveds that left a legacy of love long past their death. 

Makeda & Solomon

Madgalene & Yeshua

John & Abigail Adams

Why are they important and what do they teach us?

3 Love Rituals

I will share sweet love rituals inspired by each couple we learn about to support with deeper anchoring into sacred union whether or not you currently have a beloved.

Replay Recording

This is a 90 minute recorded zoom call.