How Beautiful You Are

by Aug 11, 2018

If you could only see just how beautiful you are

How your cells are stars on a canvas of midnight dreams

The rhythmic brush strokes on your holy grail that keep spring coming

The precious folds of your skin and bones meeting the consciousness of your soul in the reflection of elemental communion

How your eyes are the beacon of emeralds remembering they’re made of molten springs

One of a kind gems in the treasure box of eternity

If only we could leap into each others hearts with complete trust in our own purity

And die to love

I see you

The footsteps across the sands of eternity inked in the map of your body

The trials, the triumph, the light, the dark, the love, the fear

It’s all here

Making the shape of YOU

In all your perfection of thoughts and absence of

The holy carve of your shape cast from the formless into form

Through the inky black womb catching an ocean of stars

In you came

You heard the call that this was to be your place in creations gate

Your mother to fold into

From the portal of liquid gestation

into a nation and blooming into creation…

Another voice comes…

I tire of poetry.

The truest of true simmers in the unspeakable

I don’t want to tease you with words

YOU KNOW deep inside why you are here

In a human body

On planet Earth

You know the ancient call that pulses in your bones

The wave in your spine that calls you home over and over again past traffic lights and break down points and bounced checks and turbulent relationships

So after all these words, what to say?



To the rays of the sun as they kiss your face


To the sound of the wind as it enters your nose


To the dirt as your feet move you across the ground


To the pulse of your heartbeat inside your chest


To the waters edge wash your mind clean


To the swirl of your womb alchemizing your soul into being


As nights fade into eternal days


As age upon age comes and goes like sandcastles returning to the waves


Always spinning incoming the implosion of pulsing


To the call of your purpose living

It’s all the same love song

When the night comes, if you can, go somewhere where you can watch the stars, lay under the moon, bathe in the light of the night and LISTEN. Each time a fear comes up, breath it out and breath love into your womb.

Say to yourself, “I am a child of the most beautiful love story in the universe”

And maybe, just maybe, you will feel the truth of how precious you are.

I would also like to share my favorite morning affirmation prayer that I say while imagining the world wrapped in rainbow light:

We are cosmic power

We are radiant health

We are abundant wealth

We are overflowing love

We are crystalline clarity

We are eternal breath

We are perfect balance

We are divine joy

We are alight with holy purpose

We are original innocence

We are infinite creativity

We are sovereign and free

We truly embody our destiny

With LOVE all things are possible.