War Against the Masculine

by Jul 22, 2018Articles & Poetry, Blog

There is a war against the Divine Masculine.

I don’t know the inner workings of what it feels like.

I’m not a man.

I just see the results from the outside.

Hear stories from the men I love.

And the stories on the news of those who need more love.

I know it’s not easy being a woman right now.

I can imagine it’s no easier being a man.

In a world that celebrates competition.

Tells you your worth is your monetary value.

That your muscles aren’t big enough.

That your heart is too sensitive.

Or you don’t last long enough in bed.

But no one taught you how to run sexual energy.

And you have the spark of life blazing a fire in your body.

With no idea how to properly handle it.

To have limited healthy role models for what authentic masculine power looks like.

To be in a culture that supports war and objectification of women.

To be drugged as a kid for wanting to be outside instead of imprisoned at a school desk.

To be raised on pornography as your mode of sex ed.

And kraft mac and cheese as your dinner.

I hear your stories of your sexual trauma.

How the most sensitive part of your penis was cut off at birth without your consent.

How your babysitter would play a “game” with you and hide pennies in her vagina for you to find.

How you were super drunk with your girlfriend one night, had sex, and she said you raped her.

How your girlfriend cheated on you and left you for your best friend.

How you weren’t ready to have sex with your girlfriend at 15, and when you told her, she never wanted to talk to you again.

How your uncle raped you and you had no one to tell.

How the first time you had sex you had no idea what you were doing and the girl spread rumors about you coming quickly and having a small dick.

How you had sex and got a woman pregnant and she kept the baby when you weren’t ready.

How you had sex and got a woman pregnant and she aborted the baby when you wanted to keep it.

And your precious hearts.

How you gave everything to that one girl, and it still wasn’t enough.

How you hate your job, but feel you have to stay to provide for your family.

How your mom couldn’t get out of her own pain to nurture you how you deserved.

How your wife left you for your best friend, and they have a baby together.

How you try to stop masterbating so much, but it’s your connection to love.

How you don’t understand why all the women around you fall for the “bad” boys.

How you cheated on the only girl you really loved, because she wouldn’t leave you and you knew she deserved better.

How you long for a partner who loves you no matter how much money you make.

When I hear women talking about how there are no good men.

I feel so sad.

Because it’s not true.

I know so many incredible men.

And I want all women to know them too.

We all act out of pain sometimes.

I’m so sorry.

For all the trauma.

For all the misunderstanding.

For all the shame.

For all you’ve shouldered.

For all the wars you’ve fought.

For all the scars you’ve carried.

For the rat race we’ve created that keeps us enslaved.

For the wounds of betrayal and abandonment.

You are seen.

You are appreciated.

You are loved.

The only way we will heal this world is together. The remembrance of the divine feminine needs the support of the divine masculine and visa versa. We need each other. We are one. The Earth and the Sun together create the harmony of life. This war against the sexes has got to stop. And it stops with how we interact with ourselves and in our intimate relationships. You think we’ll have peace and harmony on the planet when we can’t even have it in our own partnerships? Ya right. Let’s take all the projection of all the horrors going on around the world at this time and bring it home into the practical day to day.

How can you love more what’s right in front of you?

And yes, sometimes that does mean leaving what you’ve co-created.

Love will triumph over war.