“Stay close. Don’t leave me again.” I whisper. I remember this great union and then the veils seem to come again. This separation unbearable. This aching loneliness howling at me constantly in a world crying out for awakening. In so many gazes, pain seeping out the eyes like pine sap, not seeing the solution is the pineal eye of union.

The Divine Mother wipes up the blood from these wounds of separation with tender touches of silken clouds from heaven. “I have never left you, and I never could, my child. We are woven together inseparable. I am so close that sometimes you can’t see me. You forget. This is how you have your learning. This is how you learn about unconditional love. Earth is a great school of the soul. You are very brave for coming. Let me remind you. I am your breath. I am your skin. I am your rapturous longing for yourself. We are playing peekaboo with the sun. I am woven into each of your cells. Heaven is not off this earth. Enlightenment is not separate from tending the garden beds. I am here in each tender trip. In each big fall. In each pain unspeakable. I am here. You are never alone. It’s a misperception from seeing out of the two eyes instead of the trinity of the one. Light from the inside out instead of the outside in. Rapturous communion.”

But great mother! How do we do this? My brothers and sisters are in so much pain. They have forgotten the law of one and some of them use the law of one to perpetuate fear and darkness. Sometimes I even forget after all the miracles I’ve seen! How can we remember and live this great love all the time? There is so much seemingly working against us. What is one practical thing that I can do and share with my human family to help us remember and live these truths?

She smiles my heart open so big that my mind falls in and drowns.

“Lay your head down on the soul of my soil. Find comfort in moss beds and river baths. Stay close to the sound of your heartbeat. When you feel lost or alone, scared or afraid lay down belly on the earth and feel the drum beat of your heart connecting with the drum beat of the earth. Follow your heartbeat back home to me. The true song lines of heaven on earth are slower bio rhythms where other dimensional doors may be perceived. Get out of the busy city pace that is unnatural to your being. You are nature so attune your cells back to this drum beat. Slow down. Soften. Soft. In. Reclaim your Divine Inheritance. Heaven is within and all around you. Unify the center within.”

“The butterfly prepares in the cocoon. The caterpillar doesn’t frantically rush around preparing for it’s rebirth. It goes deep within. It slows down. Wraps up in the darkness. It completely dissolves!!!! And lets the greater intelligence turn it into something more than it could ever be or do from it’s caterpillar state. We are in the time of butterflies rising. Don’t try and get there by being a caterpillar. The caterpillar has to die completely. So soft. In. Rest. Allow. The flower doesn’t force it’s bloom. Stop trying so hard. Just lay down those thoughts on the altar of the soul. Curl up in the womb of love. And let your wings grow in the soft spaces between what you thought and what will be. Polarity dissolving.”

So I did as she said and soul on her soil, this poem streamed through…

I am wild like the wind untamable becoming something that is unstoppable because it is how nature rolls in her thunderous explosions of electric erotic exhibitions but it’s not for display no it’s for her own salvation. It’s her own reaching up through the muck into the glory of the sun rapturously undone. Lotus blossom golden sparks alive ecstatic oceans carving the curves of earth and heaven on the bodies of our soul scape constellations. It is on behalf of everything that lives and pulses this life stream through it’s veins being becoming what we are destined to be. Divinity no longer separate from the matter the cellular of humanity. Recognizing the wholeness inside of our bones the crystaline structure that flows through our beings. What I do for me I do for we. No longer will I be contained. Wildly undefined. Rapturously undone. I refuse to be in a cage of any kind because my kind has come to see the liberation of the sons and daughters of human kind, and we will stop at nothing until all of us are free. Here my decree! Lift us up into love and sing the heavenly tunes for one another. I love you. No matter what you do. But now is the time to come home. The spiral never loses. Listen to your heartbeat and come home. In the flowers and the dirt in the other dimensional songs. Coming through the slip streams coming through everything. Soft. In. Be. It’s now. Hear the call of the miracles. We are the lotus of love unfolding through infinity.”