Ejaculating is your Birthright

Inside of You Lives an Ocean of Pleasure.



Woman can ejaculate just like men. Actually, better than men. We produce more fluid. We can keep coming and coming. We get extra energized instead of sleepy. And it tastes sweeter.






Because ejaculating is one of my favorite things about being a woman. 



Every woman on Earth deserves to experience this for herself.



Starting with you.



(yes, everyone can learn) 



You embracing your orgasmic potential and unlocking your inner ocean is a blessing not only to yourself, but to the Earth.



Amrita Nectar is a gift to the world.



The pictures above are from a ceremony where I collected my Amrita nectar and offered it to the ocean for the first time.



She literally grabbed it from me like a thirsty woman.



Hear the magical story & why amrita is a gift to the Earth below:


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You Will Learn

The ancient her story, Myths & magic of female ejaculation

release pain from g-spot, Build Pelvic Muscles, Let go of Trauma & shame

how to create an amrita orgasm ceremony for ejaculating solo

the positions & tips to Gush Amrita through sex with a Lover

Learn to Ejaculate from Anal Sex and other forms of orgasm beside g-spot

Magical rituals and ways to use your nectar of immortality

say yes to

your sacred nectar blessing


your body & the earth!

Gain the tools to open the flood gates

The feeling of gushing orgasmic liquid from my yoni at the height of orgasm is beyond ecstatic.

It shows me that I am deeply surrendered.

I like to say that female ejaculation feels like all my cells got baptized in bliss from the inside out.

It is one of my favorite feelings.

Even if you have tried and haven’t been able to before, don’t give up!

I created this course because I couldn’t find a comprehensive curriculum that focused completely on Amrita. It’s so important and nuanced that it deserves a full course to itself.

I’ve been having Amrita Orgasms since I was 15, researching them since then, and teaching about them both online and in person for over two years.

I will guide you through the whole journey with so much love, joy, and fun!

Maybe you let your waters flow and were shamed for it. Maybe a partner thought it was pee. Maybe you thought it was pee. You sealed the gateway and shut off your orgasmic ocean. 


Ancient cultures revered this liquid as divine. 

India = Amrita, nectar of the gods 

China = Moon Flower Medicine, life giving waters

Greece = Liquor Vitae, vital water essence 

Water is life. 

Our sexual waters create life. 

There is a feminine spring within us all. 

Amrita orgasms can help you surrender into your feminine energy, create more abundance, generate energy, purify your body, and access deeper self love. 

Throughout the ages, there have been woman devoted to the sacredness of sexuality. Remembering it as the holiest of communion. It’s time to remember. 

Sex is Divine.

Our sexual waters are sacred.

Just like the external waters of the earth have been dammed, so have our inner waters. 

No longer.

Our bodies are calling us to remember the art of ecstatic surrender.

6 Modules over 6 Weeks

Each week, you will receive the pre-recorded video course content for that module and practice for the week. Each module builds on the last.

2 Live Calls

We will gather live together for both a welcome and completion live call. We can introduce ourselves in the group, set intentions, learn from each other and get any questions answered live.

Facebook Group

Our facebook group is a great way to get to know everyone on the Amrita journey! We will have the opportunity to learn a lot from each other and receive support from other women.

Life Time Access

This is a live journey with an amazing group of women from around the world, however, don’t worry if you need more time to move from module to module. You will have access to the material forever and can go back to anything at anytime.

Module One


The Ancient Herstory of Amrita, what it is & my story.


Altar, Affirmations, Daily 

Ritual, Preparation 



Module Four


Cultivating Amrita Orgasms with Ejaculation


Amrita Orgasm Ceremony

& Sensorium


Module Two


Amrita Anatomy & Finding your G~spot.


Breast, Womb, & G-spot

Massage & Trauma


Module Five


Amrita Orgasms with a Lover & Alternative Ways


Practicing with a Lover  &

Cultivating Different Types


Module Three


Tips and Techniques for Female Ejaculation


Edging, Stimulation &

Letting the Waters


Module Six


Amrita as Activism, Deeper Rituals & Taking it further


Ritual Offering Ceremony &

Amrita Ritual Practice



Money is a form of love. A form of currency (current sea). By choosing to pour financial flow into this course, my intention is that it comes back to you amplified beyond your wildest dreams. That through this investment in yourself, you emerge from the journey with your Amrita nectar overflowing. Empowering you to show up ever more fully as the creatress of your life in service to the waters within and around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ejaculate urine?
No. That would be like saying men’s semen is urine. There have been numerous scientific studies that prove female ejaculation is not urine. It carries a specific antigen called PSA (prostate specific antigen) that is emitted from the Skene’s Gland and is only found in ejaculation, not pee. There can be trace amount of pee in ejaculate since it comes from the urethra, but it has a different smell and taste. I have had thousands of Amrita orgasms and can testify that it feels completely different than pee. We go deeply into this in the first week of the course.
Can I ejaculate without a partner?
Yes! 😀 1000000000%! Sometimes it’s absolutely essential to first learn on your own, so you have more understanding and knowledge of your body temple. And even if you do have a partner, it’s great to know how to do it on your own if you want to collect some for magical rituals or experience it in your own space.
What if I can't ejaculate?
I hear this one all the time. If you have a yoni, you can ejaculate. It may take time. It may take practice. It may take building your muscles. But as long as you have a g-spot,  it is definitely possible.
What does female ejaculate look like?
Sometimes women think female ejaculation is supposed to look like semen. This is not true. It looks like water. It is clear and watery, not thick and milky.
Why haven't I ejaculated yet?
There are so many different factors. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It is really important to address all the layers, which is why we spend 6 weeks diving into all the aspects.

It is the ultimate surrender and trust. So moving through layers of sexual shame, heart ache, ext.

I will share in depth how I lost my ability to ejaculate for awhile and then got it back. I will also share about how I cultivated them with my beloved now as I had trouble when we first met.

There is so much shame around female ejaculation that needs healing. The biggest fear is that you are going to pee the bed. The closest feeling to female ejaculation is peeing as that is the only other fluid that emerges from the urethra. So it is completely natural that most women mistake Amrita building for the need to pee.

Will it deplete my energy like ejaculating for men does?

In my experience, I get more energized in the best and most relaxed way after coming. Every woman I have ever asked this questions to has the same experience. Of course, there can be anomalies and I can’t testify for your unique body, but in general, it is a very activating and energizing experience. It also feels nourishing and cleansing.

What if my lover doesn't like it?
Educate him. I’ve never heard of an educated man knowing the power/magic of Amrita and not enjoying his woman’s ultimate surrender, trust, and ecstatic juices all over him.

Claim your waters, your pleasure, your magic! If he can come with no shame, so can you.

What about making the bed wet?
There are so many options. A lot of times I just let the bed be wet and dry naturally. However, if I want to really go for it and are concerned about the mattress, I have used a towel in the past, but now I have a Venus Mat that I use for both Amrita Orgasms and my Moon Blood. It’s so much more cozy and sexy. It is so amazing to free bleed on at home and also absorb all the Amrita juices. They also have organic options, which is the one I have. You can see them here:

How much time per week will this course require?

Each week is around 45-60 min of video content. Each practice varies, but will require about a hour a week of your time. You could make the ceremonies as long as you like though! So the time can really vary to fit your unique schedule.

Will you offer this again?

Yes, I offer this live journey 3-4 times a year.

All incredible photographs on this page by the lioness queen: Chanel Baran