So often we ask how to keep ourselves from becoming pregnant. Yet, I feel an even more important question is how do we protect our sacred fertility?

I have never been pregnant. I am so thankful. The excitement I have to be a mama outweighs anything else in my life, but it hasn’t yet become time.

If you look at my fertility method by what I don’t do, it may seem impossible. I only took birth control for a few months when I was 16. I despise condoms. I don’t implant hormones into my arm. I don’t have copper in my yoni.

I track my cycle. Simple. Easy. Effective.

We are only fertile for an average of 6 days of our cycle.

Most modern birth control is marketed as “freedom” for women, but it can be harmful to our hormonal cycle and long term fertility.

I had a woman request I write a post on what I do for natural birth control so I felt inspired to share.

However, I feel it’s also just as important to speak about the importance of protecting our fertility and building our fertility, so I’ll share about that as well.


?I personally use the Clue App on my phone to track my cycle. It is incredibly accurate.

?I only let my partner release his seed inside me right before my moon or on the first day.

?I know when I am ovulating based on mucus/tracking, and I’m extra careful.


?I recommend you also check your temperature and check cervical mucus as extra precautions.

?I highly recommend you listen to the incredible podcast my Medicine Stories, #63 with Dr. Elizabeth Wade. You will learn all about the most effective pregnancy prevention methods and dangers of hormonal birth control.

?Don’t have sex in your fertile window or use a condom and have them pull out.

It’s important to look at how we can increase our fertility! So many things in this modern world actually harm our fertility.

I recommend the wonderful book ‘Awakening Fertility’.

There are so many insightful gems but my favorite tip I got out of the book was to wear socks more and not let my feet get so cold! ?

The fertility of your womb is connected to the fertility of the soil. Just like in order for a healthy seed to grow, it needs to be in rich soil, same as the soil of our wombs. Our health starts in the gut and is directly effected by the nutrients we are or are not receiving from the dirt. Most soil that food is grown in, even organic food is depleted due to mono cropping, etc. It’s vitally important that we eat organic and local whenever possible. It’s even better to grow food yourself so you know exactly what when into it, and you can talk to it which helps it grow! (Read the secret life of plants if you don’t believe me).

Treat your womb like a celestial garden. Build healthy soil. Pour pure water. Plant with intention. Protect your fertility. It’s worth more than gold. It is the future of humanity?